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(all aboard for funtime)
02/17/11 11:12 PM
Roll Call! new [re: ]  

Cotton candy, sweet 'n' low, who's still lurking in this ho?

you're so natural
religiously unkind

02/18/11 02:50 AM
Re: Roll Call! new [re: JarethsGirl]  

My name doth now appear in green,
Though few folks here are to be seen.

(wild eyed peoploid)
02/18/11 04:55 AM
Yeah, it took TW four verses new [re: ziggfried]  

Lo! From out of shot comes a rustling in a privet,
And out pops TW's favorite fag-busting bigot.

Pastors For Palin

Auntie Prism
(stardust savant)
02/18/11 05:04 AM
to reach sodomy. Deal with it. new [re: FredPhelps]  

And following him, shyly, a denuded Prism,
Explaining: 'The Pastor baptised me in his holy Chrism'.

Rather than words comes the thought of high windows

02/18/11 10:43 AM
Re: Roll Call! new [re: JarethsGirl]  

She said some day I'd understand what love was all about,
She said I could have the kids she was moving out.

She said she finely found a man who's dick was so much bigger,
Then that greasy stinking cunt ran off with a nigger.

And to think I ate the pussy where that big black dick had been.
and kissed the lips that sucked him off time and time again.

Well it's enough to make a man through up sure is hard to figure,
How any decent white girl could go and fuck a Goddamn nigger.

David Allan Coe


02/18/11 05:23 PM
Barrel Roll new [re: Altoid]  

I'm as active a user as any
Are the boards no longer negro-friendly?

(wise like orangutan)
02/18/11 05:55 PM
Starkly new [re: schizophrenic]  

Hark, thee!

i'm 2 much for these niggas and 3 much for these hos

(all aboard for funtime)
02/18/11 07:20 PM
Slow your roll new [re: schizophrenic]  

Per use, the racial balance is a figment.
The only niggas here ain't got no pigment.

you're so natural
religiously unkind

02/19/11 09:47 AM
does this count as a haiku new [re: JarethsGirl]  

I am Swedish,
so I won't try to rhyme in English.

It's SAILER, idiot!

(thunder ocean)
02/20/11 05:52 AM
But that's definately not a haiku new [re: Emil]  

What the Swede said
Not speaking english as a native tongue
makes rhyming difficult as a ... gue


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