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03/11/11 04:44 AM
Speaking of moustaches [re: ]  

The Swedish Social Democratic party was once well known and legendary - having formed a unique society and also had a strong participation in international events (Olof Palme - whose name is known in most corners of the world - was one of the first Western top politicians to go against USA's war on Vietnam, for example).

Now that was a long time ago. Today they are scarred, confused and weakened, out of the government for two consecutive terms, second to the Conservatives in polls (although never in actual elections). It's been a sad sight. And the present chair Mona Sahlin announced her retirement after four years and one lost election.

Now the internal election committee has made their proposition for the next chairman to take over the proud tradition from Olof Palme and the others. His name is - Håkan Juholt.

and my question to you is, naturally, what do you think of his bold fashion statement?

and out of curiosity - are news about Swedish Social Democrats still reported abroad?

It's SAILER, idiot!

(Reality Ale)
03/11/11 01:15 PM
Re: Speaking of moustaches new [re: Emil]  

I'm more worried about his eyes... they look like slits of darkness that suck the unwary soul within.

Still I'm sure he's a nice chap...

The more things change... the more irritating it gets

(thunder ocean)
03/12/11 05:54 AM
Re: Speaking of moustaches new [re: Emil]  

Click this, I dare you!


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