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(wild eyed peoploid)
12/31/01 01:55 PM
Teenage Wildlife  

How did you guys decide on using this as the title for the website? Were there any other large contenders before you chose this?

Just bleeding like a polaroid...

(stardust savant)
12/31/01 05:26 PM
"Tickled Love Teenage Wildlife" new [re: ExquisiteCorpse]  

This was asked (and answered) here. To summise, Evan answered:

"Well, two reasons really.

1. I love the song
2. My perverse sense of humour was tickled by the irony in naming a site for hardcore Bowie fans after a song which some might say casts a pejorative cloud over the masses who would idly idol-worship

Follow the link though, it's worth it for the Dara/Monkeyboy banter alone. Monkeyboy, bring your Dara character back, damn it!

I hope that I can say the things I wish I'd said.

tv eye
(crash course raver)
01/01/02 06:50 AM
Re: "Tickled Love Teenage Wildlife" new [re: twister]  

i think there were a few people (including me) expressing concerns that tw souded too much like a name for a porn site, to which evan replied :

ha ha ha!

far, far away...

oh by jingo

trendy rechauffe
(cracked actor)
01/02/02 09:18 PM
Re: Teenage Wildlife new [re: ExquisiteCorpse]  

I usually just type in www.bowieisgod.com it's much easier and quicker!

bye tr

trendy's trainpage is at http://www.geocities.com/trendy_rechauffe

"No peachy prayers, no trendy rechauffÚ
I'm with you so I can't go on"


(mortal with potential)
01/03/02 02:59 AM
Where in the Hell is Evan Torrie? new [re: ExquisiteCorpse]  

Is he, like, on hiatus or something? Because there is no Bowie news (Bowie with his new baby, I would surmise), let's hear about Evan! Like, how are his grades at Stanford?

(stardust savant)
01/03/02 06:44 AM
earning money new [re: Bambi]  

Bambi, Evan stopped updating Teenage Wildlife because he got very ill - Mal de Debarquement, depression, etc - besides he got a little bored with Bowie.

But don┤t worry, he is feeling better, he is just working too much! I asked him 2 days ago if he was going to do anything for DB┤s birthday and he said he probably won┤t. So, I guess we won┤t have a TW birthday card this year.


(stardust savant)
01/03/02 05:21 PM
Full circle new [re: Tati_wl]  

In reply to:

he got a little bored with Bowie.

I think it's quite normal. Sometimes you just quit with the one thing to pick up another. I move in circles personally. First there's Bowie, then I get bored and move to Queen, leading to madly looking to James Bond movies and an occassional Superman flick. Then I try to get a girl, fail again, and go back to listening to good ol' Bowie.

I'd like to break that circle...

BTW, do you think Bowie cares for a birthday card from a bunch of TWers?

Shaken, not stirred?

(stardust savant)
01/03/02 05:58 PM
Re: Where in the Hell is Evan Torrie? new [re: Bambi]  

In reply to:

Like, how are his grades at Stanford?

I believe he graduated from Stanford like, aeons ago. If I'm mistaken, I'm open for correction.

In reply to:

BTW, do you think Bowie cares for a birthday card from a bunch of TWers?

Well, the 50th Birthday Card we did was available for viewing on a huge TV screen near the entrance to the 50th birthday concert. I felt so cool when I saw my pic up there. *sigh* I was so much younger then:


- So, what you're saying is that you manipulated me.
- Yes, exactly.

(wild eyed peoploid)
01/03/02 07:19 PM
Re: Full circle new [re: NoGame]  

I agree with the boredom thing...many great obsessions are fleeting but they eventually return...

Just bleeding like a polaroid...

(stardust savant)
01/03/02 07:41 PM
different from 1997 new [re: NoGame]  

I don┤t think DB will lose his sleep for not reading our birthday wishes to him; however, the birthday card was kind of a tradition here on TW, and it let me sad to see TW fading!

WildWind, I read that the TW birthday card from 1997 was shown in the hall of the Birthday Concert (as you mentioned above), and that is damn COOL; I can imagine how pride you, other Twfers, and Evan, might have been seeing the card there


white rabbit
(cracked actor)
01/04/02 09:52 AM
50th Birthday Card new [re: WildWind]  

Thanks for putting that link for the 50th B-day card, WW! It was fun to look at it again, especially now that I recognize some of the names on it. Coincidentally, our messages are on the same page -- I used my maiden name since it was the name I had when I first became a fan.

Curse you Inspector Dim! You are too clever for us naughty people.

(electric tomato)
01/04/02 11:47 AM
What a card! new [re: WildWind]  

Yes, thanks for that link. I'd never seen "The Card" before. Very impressive. And you WW, just like db, appear to only improve with age!

"Make me one with everything," said the zen master to the hot dog vendor.

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