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03/28/02 01:08 AM
A Question  

I was thinking up a rather nifty suggestion for this forum, along the lines of the ability to be able to exclude signatures when searching posts (this ability would need to be optional, of course, as sometimes we search for posts specifically via those signatures), when it occured to me, is there even any point anymore?

Adam, do you yourself have access (and, for that matter knowledge) to the programming side of this message board, to the extent of being able to implement features into the message board? If not, is Evan at all likely to ever regain both the time and enthusiasm he once had for this site, in order to do work when it isn't absolutely necessary? If not on both counts, why does the "site feedback" forum even exist still?

And in a pre-emptive strike on you crazy "crap thread" defenders, the testing of your signatures and .gifs is not only utterly pointless, but something that can be done at ease within the other forums, which is to say not that you post shit specifically to see if your signature works, but that you wait until you actually have something to contribute and when you do you shall see for yourself that all is fine and dandy. Attaching pictures for use in other posts is also something that can be (and in the pre-crap days, was) done in the other forums, as anyone with a bit of the old common sense was able to wait until they had something relevant to say to attach the picture along with it or, heaven forbid, actually attach the picture to the same post they want to use it in, and then edit the post with the relevant "image" location in mind accordingly.

So, Adam, are you in control? Or will Evan ever return to tend to his loving flock? And if "no" to either, why is this forum still here?

I could be a genius if I just put my mind to it.

(stardust savant)
03/28/02 10:12 AM
Better idea new [re: twister]  

I think a better idea would be to delete the crap threads periodically. Also any picture threads. These two types take up the most space, and are not worth saving whatsoever.

I've pictured you in coffins
My baby in a coffin
But I love it when you blink your eyes

Evan TorrieAdministrator
03/29/02 10:01 AM
Re: A Question new [re: twister]  

I shall return.

That's why this forum still exists :-)

E> (webmaster@teenagewildlife.com)

03/29/02 11:07 AM
Hurrah For Evan! new [re: Evan Torrie]  

Hurrah! You hear me? Hurrah!

I could be a genius if I just put my mind to it.

(electric tomato)
03/30/02 02:48 PM
Re: A Question new [re: Evan Torrie]  

Who the hell bozoed Evan?

"Why can't people go through life without comparing their own to anyone elses?"

(crash course raver)
03/30/02 04:13 PM
Evan the Bozo new [re: Cisite]  

Who hasn't bozoed Evan? He's a trouble maker, and a hooligan. And he posts so much his smilling childish face burns me retinas.

That man just has way to much time on his hands...

The interesting news. As only Ruskie can give it to you.

(crash course raver)
03/30/02 06:27 PM
evan, you're wierd. new [re: Cisite]  

he also lists his fanatacism level as 'moderate'. i think i am listed as moderate. i forget. (i'll check and edit if necessary after i post) what kind of moderate fan makes a big fancy site dedicated to the object of his moderate fandom? is this the "well, bowie's pretty good... i guess..." site?

edit, i'm listed as 'hardcore'. that would make me more than evan. is this not fucked up?

and i guess that i just don't know...

Edited by ziggywombat on 03/30/02 06:29 PM (server time).

(wild eyed peoploid)
04/01/02 01:08 AM
This is Hardcore. new [re: ziggywombat]  

I thought it was hilarious that he's listed as moderate. All you have to do is see that he's the Webmaster of the David Bowie site to see that it's a bit of an understatement.


tv eye
(cracked actor)
04/01/02 03:44 AM
Re: A Question new [re: Cisite]  

In reply to:

Who the hell bozoed Evan?

and he's really bad with those arnie quotes. it's "i'll be back", not "i shall return"

a navy's andalusia rusk

04/02/02 07:14 AM
Star Trek quotes... new [re: Evan Torrie]  

In reply to:

I shall return.

There he is! There he is! (-- Khan, Star Trek II, though it was in fact "she," not he, but...)

In reply to:

That's why this forum still exists :-)

I find this hillarious: the webmaster of this site used :-) instead of .

But to cut the crap: Evan, it's so good to see you again.


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