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(crash course raver)
11/25/02 03:45 AM
Expiring Fora and the Classic Threads Forum  

Following on from WildWind's suggestions, I wanted to raise the issue of having fora that automatically deletes or expires after a given period.

Evan's approach in the past has been to remove and archive threads from the site equally in all six fora. A case has been made, however, for the long term value and survival of Interpretation and perhaps News, Views and Questions threads.

As far as I know, things will continue in the same fashion (Interp and NV&Qs threads being removed) unless we take certain steps to change it.

What I cannot do as moderator is:

1. Remove or make changes to the system of attachments in any forum.

2. Prevent threads from being archived or removed when server space becomes an issue.

3. Restore previously removed threads, or systematically back up or archive existing threads.

What I can do, however, is set an auto expiry system for certain fora in an attempt to curb the need to remove / archive old threads. What I am therefore wanting to know is whether I should go ahead and:

1. Set Coffee Shop on an auto expiry system (eg: every six months)

2. Set I Was An Artiste on an auto expiry system (eg: every six months)

3. Set Site Feedback on an auto expiry system (eg: every six months)

4. Set Collectors' Corner on an auto expiry system (eg: every six months)

As far as I know, any forum set on auto expiry will not be backed up (in the hope of one day being restored on a new server).

The only way I can offset the problem of losing "classic" threads is by having a brand new forum dedicated to Classic Threads.

Each 3 months, I would ask users to nominate classic threads for inclusion into this forum. Seeing I do not have the ability to create a brand new forum, one of the exitsing forums (eg: Collectors Corner) would be removed and recycled to become the "Classic Threads" forum.

None of this is a perfect solution, and perhaps nothing will become of it. I just wanted to see people's reactions to this idea.

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(cracked actor)
11/25/02 04:36 AM
fora and fauna new [re: Adam]  

Is "fora" the plural of something? I'm ever so confused.

Personally, I think you should go ahead and delete all the threads that you know, in your heart, are stupid. I trust you. And I probably won't even realize my News Radio thread is gone.

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(crash course raver)
11/25/02 04:47 AM
you'll have to ask the grammar queen new [re: Glitterbot]  

If I remember correctly, WildWind taught us that fora can be used as a plural for forum.

get bowie downunder

11/25/02 06:01 AM
Re: Expiring Fora and the Classic Threads Forum new [re: Adam]  

I like the idea of making an auto expiry system very much. However, I'm not so sure about changing Collector's Corner into a Classic Threads forum (even though I naver post in CC, nor do I even read it). However, removing a serious forum to make room for classic threads from Coffee Shop and I Was An Artiste (since there are hardly any classics in Site Feedback) strikes me as a bit wrong... with very few exceptions, I don't think there are any threads in CS or IWAA that would actually need to be archived for the greater good. On the other, I do not actually know how much conversation is going on in CC, and how 'important' it is. The people who post there would need to tell me.

Anyway, after this long rant I would like to say that I'm all for that idea. As you said, it's not perfect solution, but it is by far the best possible solution under cicrcumstances (did I missspell that?).

(crash course raver)
11/25/02 07:17 AM
Stay (Far Away, So Close) new [re: Sysiyo]  

OK, I have been experimenting and there may be a better solution to having a "Classic Threads" forum.

I have the ability to KEEP threads to avoid them being deleted. Some of these options, I need to experiment with in order to see if they work properly but this seems OK.

With this system, people could nominate threads in Coffee Shop that should be "kept" and not deleted.

This would be a nice way to "review" past threads and we could do this periodically.

I don't think this safeguards them from the archiving process that occurs at the moment, but rather it would work for a situation in which we had self-deleting / auto expiry forums.

It is much better to select specific threads to keep rather than specific threads to delete. The latter is not achievable without many hundreds of hours of work.

get bowie downunder

(cracked actor)
11/25/02 08:06 AM
Re: Stay (Far Away, So Close) new [re: Adam]  

is it six month after starting the thread or six month after the last post?

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11/25/02 09:22 AM
Re: Stay (Far Away, So Close) new [re: th0mas]  

Collector's Corner should not be removed, it is a terrific asset to the site...although I've only used it a couple of times I have normally been very successful in trades...p.s flora is healthier than regular butter...

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11/25/02 12:22 PM
Who will try when their efforts are meaningless? new [re: Adam]  

Message boards that don't keep old threads are the devil.

I could be a genius if I just put my mind to it.

(cracked actor)
11/25/02 01:21 PM
What price immortality? new [re: twister]  

twister, most people weren't "trying" when the threads appeared to be eternal.

All of the best stuff was spontaneous. Even my poems which I touted in another site feedback thread were off-the-cuff affairs, initiated as much by boredom as by my love for Rose_Stardust (don't tell her that, though).

I used to care a lot more about this topic than I presently do. It's unfortunate Evan can't afford to let TW's boards go on forever, but unless he decides to let users who really care contribute to the maintenance, then we are pretty much stuck with things as they are.

At my Wilco board, Via Chicago, the administrators have accepted PayPal donations and merchandised clothing and effects emblazoned with the website's logo to generate revenues for site upkeep.

Why re-invent the wheel? I'd by a Rose_Stardust tee in a New York minute! Or maybe even a TW one.

The truth proves it's beautiful to lie. ~Wilco

11/25/02 02:25 PM
Re: What price immortality? new [re: power2charm]  

I support all of this, except the expiration date on the Artiste forum. I really like that forum, and I like going back and reading old threads, especially as I don't have time to read them all at once. It would be a shame to lose some of the artwork posted there, or such great stories as Phoenix's Pop Goes the God, etc.

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