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(stardust savant)
12/11/02 07:19 AM
Re: A Suggestion About Those That Make 'Hello' Threads new [re: meiastar]  

don't worry, meiastar...the rules around here are impossible to follow sometimes.

That's why I wholeheartedly support the idea of a TW Netiquette list - I don't want to see any more reckless maiming of innocent newbies.

And I have to say I'm pretty proud of the fact that my first post was in the Interpretation forum. Although it probably wasn't much of a contribution. Oh well.

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Vast Blue Sky
(wild eyed peoploid)
12/11/02 08:42 AM
Re: A Suggestion About Those That Make 'Hello' Threads new [re: twister]  

I donīt see what the problem about the 'Hello' Threads is.
I didnīt do one when I started to "speak" here, but if people want to do it why not? Itīs polite and nice to came and say hello when we arrive to someplace (even a net forum...), maybe a place for such threads should be create, but ban those threads, I donīt think so...

Living on the breath of a hope to be shared

(wild eyed peoploid)
12/11/02 11:05 AM
Re: A Suggestion About Those That Make 'Hello' Threads new [re: Vast Blue Sky]  

It was hard first getting here. I was too shy to even START a thread, nevertheless devote one to myself. I tried to nonchalantly slip into TW - it took forever for anyone to notice me or even reply to me. It didn't help that I was a thread killer. I'd always have the last post. I was completely ecstatic to get my first PM. Eventually people started talking to me, but I still don't feel like one of the "gang."

P.S. - I'm not fishing for pity here, i'm just in an open and honest mood today.

There is nothing sadder than a mosquito sucking on a mummy. Give it up little guy.

(mortal with potential)
12/11/02 11:33 AM
Re: A Suggestion About Those That Make 'Hello' Threads new [re: twister]  

ha!! you guys are funny....you all have been here sooo long
that you do not remember when you first joined, i suppose.
we all started at sq one at some point. Were people that sarcastic to you when you began? I do not mean to sound like a jerk, but i am curious where the attitude began?

Like a post down the line reads:
'Drugs are bad for memory. That's why I like them'

I really see nothing wrong with a newbie posting a hello an introducing themselves. Particularily if they give some info like how long they have been a fan and how they were intro'd to Bowie's music. That alone can lead to interesting discussion.....or are you talking about something else??

Speaking of.....so how many people out there are musicians?
I would like to see more threads re: the 'musical' aspect of Bowie's music (huh??) but do not want to bore follks with trite music theory and analitical BS....
Even if that is one of my favorite hobbies :)

in the words of FEZ
'have a good day'


(mortal with potential)
12/11/02 12:39 PM
Re: A Suggestion About Those That Make 'Hello' Threads new [re: gtrobster]  

Thanks, Sugar Plum Fairy! It didn't bother me though; I figure everyone's entitled to their opinion... ;) I just thought it was ironic that I found this thread right after I introduced myself! LOL

Anyway, no one's really *obligated* to read a thread where a newbie introduces him/her/itself. Who knows, maybe there are some people who are extroverted enough to *enjoy* newbie threads? :shrug: But I agree that you definitely get more of a feel for what a person is like by them taking the plunge and getting involved, and that is much more valuable of a contribution. :-)

There is no hell like an old hell

12/11/02 01:26 PM
Put it in writing new [re: gtrobster]  

I'd like to ask the people who are in support of "Hello" threads: Does it really make a difference as to how you perceive the poster? After you'd made the requisite "Hi and welcome!" post, did this person have any special place in your memory because they started a "hello" post?

I suspect not. I suspect that most of these posts fade into irrelevant obscurity and no one cares for more than a few minutes that they were posted, if they ever cared at all. So when something contributes nothing to the board, why should it be encouraged?

Furthermore, I think twister has a point when he points out that people who start "hello" threads more often than not don't turn out to be great contributors. This is not meant to be a pointed dig at anyone who has recently started a "hello" thread, it just seems to happen that people who feel the need to start their run on the board by announcing their presence get bored and depart relatively quickly. If GFried did in fact start his career that way, he'd be the proverbial exception that proves the rule.

While I think it would be a bit extreme to ban on sight anyone who starts a "hello" thread at this point (after all, the poor dears don't know any better), I would be well in favor of explicitly banning the practice as part of a TW netiquette guide and then banning the violators on sight.

In reply to:

[Wraith2]Can't we put up a TW Netiquette Rules book somewhere?
I second that. Although they should be compiled by Adam, not Twister!

FWIW, 99% of the things about which twister is vocal are things that Adam has supported in the past. In a way, you might say twister is Adam's footsoldier, trying to enforce the common sense that Adam brings to people's attention but that they choose to cast aside.


I like beer with my air.

(electric tomato)
12/11/02 01:33 PM
Re: A Suggestion About Those That Make 'Hello' Threads new [re: meiastar]  

Okay, I just want to state one more time why exactly I so dislike hello threads.

It is not that I dislike newbies. Being mean or sarcastic to newbies has nothing to do with it. By all means, let's welcome newbies with open arms! However...

When I see a thread titled, "Hello, I'm New!" frankly, the first thing I think is, who cares? I've no idea who you are, you've yet to contribute anything to the board, so why do you think I'd be interested in reading about how you discovered Bowie and the long journey you took into becoming a Bowie fan, etc? If I want a biography, I'll go read one. Or I'll go read your profile.

Now, this may seem harsh, but thing is, TW is a big place. Lots of people here, and thus unless you establish yourself as someone interesting and/or worthwhile, I have no idea why you think we should read about you. What are "Hello" threads, after all? You say you're new, people answer back with "Welcome!". You have to admit that's quite a waste of time and space, and contributes absolutely nothing, other than stroking the newbie's ego. (Now, if a newbie started a thread along the lines of "Reasons Why I'm Great and You Should Be Grateful To Have Me Here"--that could be interesting.)

People say that I don't have to read "hello" threads. True. But when there are several of them popping up, and I come to the forum page and see them dominating the chart, I want to know why there is so much useless postage around. Plus it means I have to sort through and go back to find a thread I actually want to read.

Another reason: many times, people post those intro threads, and then drop off from the forum. That is just annoying. Since I don't even know if you'll stick around, I really don't see why you need a thread announcing your (perhaps temporary) arrival. It's like coming into a large party and screaming, "Look at meeeee! I'm HERE! My hobbies include waterskiing and knitting!" This is irritating. People at the party will care much more about the fact that you like waterskiing and knitting if you bring up those facts during (or after) a nice conversation with them, when they've gotten the chance to interact with you a bit.

Btw, I understand that this is different on mailing lists. Those are small, and so people want to know everyone on them, and it would in fact be rude to start posting without an introduction. TW, however, has over 9000 members registered. Another member coming or going doesn't make that much of an impact.

Finally, you ask if you're supposed to just jump in? Well... yes. Reply to a post that interests you, just go ahead and join into a discussion. At the bottom of the post, you can put down that you're new, etc. At least then when people welcome you to the board, they'll have a sample of what kind of poster you are and what you can contribute.

Boy, I sounded bitchy there. Sorry. But I guess it is my one pet peeve.

White Rabbit
12/11/02 02:27 PM
You say hello, I say goodbye new [re: gtrobster]  

In reply to:

Were people that sarcastic to you when you began?

RICK: Guys! Guys! Look at us! Squabbling! Bickering! Like children! What's happening to us? We never used to be like this!

VYVYAN: Yes we did.

MIKE: You know, he's right, Rick, we've always been like this.

RICK: Well--yes--I know, but-- But that's just exactly my point! Nothing ever changes, nothing ever happens to us!

VYVYAN: Monopoly?

RICK: Yes.

There's a Young Ones quote that springs to mind for almost every occasion. Ah, well, ziggfried will appreciate it. Anyway, the answer to the question is yes. Some of the user names have changed but things around here really haven't so much.

I think my very first post was on a thread asking what your most coveted Bowie poster was (it was the Glamour one, by the way) and I decided to stick around a bit. I hadn't been here all that long when one of my posts was responded to very sarcastically. Almost two years on, that big "meanie" and I still keep in touch. I guess what I'm trying to say is that to survive at TW, one has to not take things too overly personally. And that's me saying that.

I used to respond to those "Hello" threads but inevitably the person would either turn out to be an ass that I wished I'd never welcomed in the first place, or they'd disappear after a week or two.

I am Jack's complete lack of surprise

(mortal with potential)
12/11/02 06:14 PM
Re: A Suggestion About Those That Make 'Hello' Threads new [re: Starlite]  

Hi Starlight,

Very well written post and I see where you are coming from re:
new folks entering with a loud scream, laying their whole life trip on the group, and then most of those people soon fade into oblivion ...it looks as if you have been on this forum for a long time, and I see how that pattern gets real old real quick.
Sort of the way you see the same Qand A's/discussions at
the furthur chat room...lots of new people all the time, asking the same questions over and over.
Same As It Ever Was :) I shy away from that chat room for that very reason, so i relate to your perspective very much.

As far as the plus side of a brief intro to the group...
well, if a person enters the forum blasting off their story,
and part of that story is:
' I just heard Bowie for the first time last week, and think that Iggy Starman tune ROCKS!! Some one send me a lot of bootleg CDs, quick! He is my favorite artist ever.'.........
well, yeah, i do not think i would reply to a message like that.
i would probably feel duped for even reading it! haha

On the other hand, I was recently at the Ziggy in Concert forum (i hope that is not considered treason )....and wrote a brief note about my first Bowie show in Detroit, MI--'83.....
Some guy wrote a hello back my way, and it turns out we grew up about an hour apart, both attended the same show as our first concert exposure to Bowie, sitting within 15 rows from one anther... and both attended the same college at the same time (give or take a year)...
Pretty cool if you ask me :) and can lead to some good E communication simply based on our similar past.
Chances are none of those coincidences would have come to light if those few brief details were not included in my intro statement...(i think that is how the communication began...)

Anyhow.....i just got back from a walk in the woods with the 3 dogs...and my guitar....a walk that was preceded by a strong cup of some orgaNIC COFFEE...so i guess i'm babbling a bit:)
Sorry for taking up the bandwidth, but as dedicated Bowie fan of close to 20 years, i am into discussing the man's art and career, and do not plan to fade away when i find some other new hip artist to idolize. unless it is guitarist Leo Kottke!

best to all...
I look forward to reading and discussing the art of change
feel free to scold me fer talkin' too much.
Not that it will do any good :)


PS--thanks for pointing out the distinction between a forum chat and mailing list....i had not thought of the difference in intention between the two. peace

(crash course raver)
12/11/02 08:42 PM
Re: Put it in writing new [re: WildWind]  

In reply to:

99% of the things about which twister is vocal are things that Adam has supported in the past.

Perhaps this is true, but Twister takes them to an extent which Adam would not; he's the reactionary of the pair. Twister:Adam :: Spirow Agnew:Richard Nixon. (Sorry for using those particular examples, fellows, but you get the idea).

Don't hide your fucking profile

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