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(mortal with potential)
12/23/02 05:32 AM
The proposed "power2charm" rule (all rise)  

I've noticed that a few posters here really like the look of their own comments up on the www. These folks tend to reply to every single post addressed to them or commenting on them. This has begun to irk me.How dare they engage one another.

Adam and Evan, let's make a rule where no poster can make more than....five posts ever. This will prevent me from developing advanced wrist strain from clicking thru posts (my wrists are weak enough) Or for flexibility's sake, a given poster can only author ten percent of the replies to a thread. So when thomaswood makes a thread, he can then reply to it once within the first ten replies, then after the eleventh, he can reply once more until the twentieth reply is reached, and so forth.(I would go into further detail of my grand design here but you can always PM if you decide to completly reprogramme tw to my specifications).

Since anons follow thomaswood around like flies about turds, let's amend the messageboard software so that only registered users' replies count towards the limits. This way it does not benefit twood to make multiple anon replies to himself to buy more official replies.I know that with a wife and kid he has nothing better to be doing than replying to himself to make his threads more popular as I often do this myself. There's not much we can do about alter-ego replies to benefit the original user, but an established correlation of alter-ego posts to original user posts over a number of threads might smoke out those alter-egos' true identities (America's Most Wanted style), allowing for a smackdown by the webmaster. (For instance, we all know that G_Spot tends to reply to PHOENIX, suggesting the two are one and the same).

Now, before you get all puffed up with pride over a rule named after you, twood, there are other abusers in this regard:
(I'm sorry that in my original proposal I proposed to name it after thomas, since these are my ideas it should be named after me).
a lot of you new posters who I've not sorted out yet (but I will get to you and admonish you individually, perhaps I could compose a lifestyle timetable for you to add reason and direction to your pathetic amoebic exisistances.)

It's not that I don't like you lot....I just don't like your posts so much as to read a dozen of them on a 20 reply thread (my time is precious, it's not often that I dream up new rules and share them with the rest of tw, genuinely expecting Adam to take my advice to the letter while keeping all you lot in line). At least CLAUDE gives us piccies when he floods a thread!

Oh, this rule would not apply to artiste threads, as they often are a showcase for a given user's chickenscratchings or angst-infused poetry.(this receives my blessing, Adam and Evan don't adjust this bit only allowing a poster to reply to themselves at 20.897% ratio.)

One final suggestion, perhaps we could change this from being an interactive db discussion forum into a place where i can drone on about Wilco.If this were the case clauses 1-10 above could be ignored.Also, please give me more attention thomaswood or I'll cry.

The truth proves it's beautiful to lie. ~Wilco

(electric tomato)
12/30/02 12:40 PM
Re: The proposed "power2charm" rule (all rise) new [re: evilziggy]  

and you are a jackass.

I like cotton candy gum, and bumper cars, and carnivals
All of these things happiness brings
But my hatred for you dont stop

(stardust savant)
01/02/03 00:14 AM
Re: The proposed "power2charm" rule (all rise) new [re: iluv]  

I thought it was damn funny. And a lot of it was true too, except for the Phoenix and G_Spot part

This message brought to you ad free by SATAN

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