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03/25/03 10:17 AM
Credit, or, not so much new [re: heathenpunkgirl]  

In reply to:

I told everyone about www.mysmilies.com first,

Dude, I was using mysmilies.com years ago. Before it was mysmilies.com, even.

'Course, I didn't bother to tell anyone about it.

Emil, I use more like guitily embarassed, as annoyed, and I rarely use trophy or ribbon.


Fill to me the parting glass. Good night, and joy be with you all.

(cracked actor)
03/25/03 10:44 AM
Re: I can feel it cry new [re: SugarPlumFairy]  

I like your drooly one.

In this world gone mad, we will not spank the monkey, the monkey will spank us!!!
Alton Brown is a kitchen god...a minor deity of the food pantheon!

03/25/03 11:21 AM
Re: OT & GIF OD new [re: Emil]  

In reply to:

And your gifs don't show up at all, Fairy. They were visible a week ago!

Yes, I know. At first I thought it was only momentary as usual, but now they've been gone for way too long...anyone know of a better picture hosting service?
I'd really like to get them visible. I'm sure you're all anticipating to see "the Vulcan thing where you grab someone's pants".

That Vulcan thing where you grab someone's pants
- Lon Suder

(cracked actor)
03/25/03 01:50 PM
Re: OT & GIF OD new [re: SugarPlumFairy]  

In reply to:

I'm sure you're all anticipating to see "the Vulcan thing where you grab someone's pants".

Yes, now that you've recognized it doesn't work, I've no need to say it anymore. wee. I ish hyper, sorry.

In the original version of Space Oddity I sang "Ground Control, I miss my mum, Ground Control, I miss my mum". What can I say... I miss mum.

(stardust savant)
03/25/03 01:59 PM
Trophies and ribbons new [re: Emil]  

Most of my posts are award-winning (or tragically overlooked for awards) so I use the trophy icon a lot. It really should be reserved exclusively for Mr. TW but that is a programming issue for Evan to address in his spare time.

Why do I occasionally use the ribbon icon, then? Well, it is also to pat myself on the back for some fine posting, but perhaps on a lighter topic. The ribbon-to-trophy relationship is akin to using one exclamation point (!) instead of three (!!!). When I think of ribbons I think of state fair pie contests. You win, you get a ribbon. A trophy is given out for sporting events or horse races, and there is usually a cash prize too. It's a bigger deal.

So, in conclusion, use the ribbon when you are chuffed, and use the trophy when you are *well* chuffed.

The truth proves it's beautiful to lie. ~Wilco

(cracked actor)
03/25/03 06:07 PM
Re: Tophies and ribbons new [re: power2charm]  

If chuffed means 'impressed' then I understand what you just said. Atleast, I think so.

In the original version of Space Oddity I sang "Ground Control, I miss my mum, Ground Control, I miss my mum". What can I say... I miss mum.

White Rabbit
03/25/03 10:07 PM
Honorable mention new [re: Emil]  

In reply to:

Does anybody have a well-formed opinion on the difference between the Ribbon and Trophy post icons?

I'm guilty of being a frequent ribbon user. To me, it means that I like what I'm posting about (listy type things, usually) rather than I like my post about whatever it is. Err, something like that. And the trophy usually indicates that I like what someone else has posted. I think. Makes sense in my mind, it does.

I am Jack's complete lack of surprise

03/30/03 11:04 PM
A brief summary new [re: power2charm]  

I've flirted with smilies quite heavily in the past yet always lived to tell the tale. It's hardly an honourable pasttime, but will give you the cheap thrill that you crave.

actually means 'You are crazy, that makes no sense', or 'I didn't understand that you nutter'. Otherwise it could mean 'I stuffed up and now I am confused'. It really has more to do with confusion than craziness.
is pretty damn pissed off. Sometimes it's almost too angry.
Looks goofy, to me. I prefer because it's more genuine.
is 'Note the sarcastic wit in that comment', or 'You are an idiot'. Not to be confused with , which is all about being in on a joke or having a subtle but humourous understanding with another. Tongue is not as friendly as wink, not as wholesome - it should either be self-deprecating or insulting.
and are fairly obvious, but I rarely use them.
is the usual 'I am the best' smily. One of my favourites.
And is a very effective sad smily, as in 'You let me down' or 'I feel goddamn terrible'. Very sombre, and not recommended for regular use lest the entire board falls into depression.

Meanwhile, a couple of suggestions for new smilies (I don't use 'off-board' smilies):

[ suck ] : A smilie grabbing his crotch in a gesture of 'suck my dick' - useful for baiting the more wankerous TWers, and very useful as a retort against a fairly immature insult.

[ bird ]: A smilie flipping the bird (aka middle finger salute), similar to the last but used more as a defensive measure than a counter.

Yes, I believe their should be more offensive smilies available. We aren't all happy-go-lucky lackeys, you know!

I say it is and it's true

04/10/03 02:26 PM
Re: Smilies new [re: TalentedChild]  

my favourite is the vomiting fish.

and the deflated hamster.

It shouldn't be wrong to be a girl.

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