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04/17/03 07:59 AM
Hot Topics on Home Page  

With all the re-ordering going on and by the general comments that it decreases ramdom anons to come to TW with the wrong intentions.

Maybe a way of preventing that is to stop Coffee Shop threads going to the Hot Topics box on the home page. as Topics like "Female masturbation" are bound to attract no gooders. Though there is the argument "what would they be doing at the site to start off with then?" . Well maybe so , but the Coffee Shop Titles in general dont exactly raise the profile of of TW for those who do come here for genuine reasons.

anyway thats my ranting. does anyone else feel this way?


andro gene
(cracked actor)
04/17/03 09:41 AM
Re: Hot Topics on Home Page new [re: sonofsilence]  

no, not really. i couldn't care less about anonymous posters. so what? some of them are idiotic, some of them aren't. i just ignore it.

i'm not pointing you out, necessarily, brian, because this is the first i can remember seeing you express concern over this issue, but why do you guys let anonymous posters bother you so much? the idiotic anonymous posters probably do it just because they know it annoys a handful of TW'ers.

thomaswood and his group of anonymous identities and cohorts really annoy me sometimes. and i know this has been suggested time and again to the point where it's a cliche, but i just don't bother reading most of what they say. simple as that.

your funeral...my trial

04/17/03 11:06 AM
Re: Hot Topics on Home Page new [re: andro gene]  

Not that it bothers me on the content of people, it's just the general image TW must have when people see the Hot Topic headings from Coffee shop.

and you're right some registered people are no really no better or worst.


white rabbit
04/17/03 11:26 AM
What does that say about me? new [re: sonofsilence]  

I had been checking TW, or the David Bowie File as I believe it was known then, for years before ever venturing into the interactive portion of the site. What was I lured by? A sordid thread title in the Hot Topics on the main page. And I've been around ever since, for better or for worse.

In reply to:

...bound to attract no gooders

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andro gene
(cracked actor)
04/17/03 11:41 AM
Re: What does that say about me? new [re: white rabbit]  

i agree, white rabbit...as much as i hate to admit it, i'd probably be attracted to and want to click on something that said "female masturbation."

i don't know. maybe i'm different from other regular TW'ers in the sense that i don't really take pride in this website or messageboard like it's part of me, or like it's my home, or something. i see it as just pure entertainment. i wouldn't care what any outsider thought of this messageboard anymore than i'd care about what someone thought of the video game i'm playing. so, it really confounds me when people get so uptight about the quality of these messageboards and want to take all these seemingly fascistic measures to keep it mature and intelligent, or whatever high expectations one may have...and i think, in general, things do remain mature and intelligent. it's just that you have the occasional person out there looking for attention the wrong way. and you just have to simply dismiss them and get on with things.

your funeral...my trial

04/17/03 11:44 AM
Re: What does that say about me? new [re: andro gene]  

I see your point, and thanks to you both..

BTW ..White Rabbit...where's my easter egg?


andro gene
(stardust savant)
04/17/03 11:46 AM
Re: What does that say about me? new [re: sonofsilence]  

ooh...i keep forgetting that easter is this weekend. somebody better send me an entire basket full of chocolate!

edit: oooh, lookie there! my 1600 post that made me a stardust savant was about chocolate. how appropriate!

your funeral...my trial

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(crash course raver)
04/17/03 12:41 PM
Re: Hot Topics on Home Page new [re: sonofsilence]  

Actually, I am inclined to agree with sonofsilence's original opinion.

Although I enjoy some of the sordid details when I enter Coffee Shop, I don't think the TW front page (with something like 5 million visitors) is an appropriate place to have them.

During some of the threads on anal sex, I had correspondance with someone who was showing a colleague the TW site. They were not expecting to be confronted with these topics on the front page and felt embarassed for it. I don't think that should happen.

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04/17/03 12:57 PM
I don't feel strongly one way or the other but... new [re: sonofsilence]  

I agree with sos's original post, though for a different reason, having to do with those of us that look at TW in the workplace. In fact, just yesterday I wanted to show someone at work a picture I'd attached on TW some time ago, so without thinking I just went to the home page, and he was a little shocked to see "female masturbation" there plain as day. The guy I was showing it to is cool, he just made a joke, but y'know, if someone walked by who wasn't so cool, I could have gotten in a lot of trouble. I suppose one could argue that I shouldn't be looking at TW at work anyway.


Fill to me the parting glass. Good night, and joy be with you all.

(big brother)
04/17/03 01:21 PM
Re: Hot Topics on Home Page new [re: sonofsilence]  

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