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04/19/03 03:49 PM
Re: shame, mister twister new [re: andro gene]  

Andro, your arguments seem never a baby step away from "does it matter? We're all going to die anyway". Shall I blame whatever music it is that you listen to that I won't have heard of?

"Life goes on" if your shoes don't fit. No matter how minor a point it is in the major scheme of your life itself, why begrudge someone for doing something about it? Or perhaps more relevantly, "life goes on" when the football team you play for gets relegated, or the band you're a member of releases a bad album. That doesn't rid you of any responsibility to put in a little effort to ensure a more reasonable end result.

Of course, not all the players will agree on what's for the best - and at times, this can help make the team/band/board more interesting. But different ideas of "good" doesn't permit for a gung-ho "who gives a shit, only a damn whatever, so long as I'm having fun everyone else can suck it" attitude.

It's an attitude that doesn't respect Evan ("If you intend to carry on a private conversation with a fellow Teenage Wildlifer, please use private messages - these are his words), or Adam (to pick a recent example, he's made quite clear his feelings on excessive internal linking, and their drain on the server). These are examples of basic 'rules' one is expected to follow to generally aid the quality of the MB, and the enjoyment of it's participants at large. Other 'rules' are generally open for dispute and discussion, and even then rarely enforced and reliant on personal responsibility. But that doesn't mean they don't exist. "It's only a message board" is about as valid an excuse for tolerating the detrimental behaviour of trolls and their ilk as "it's only spray paint" is for painting over someone's house.

This may be the most I've seen you argue anything, six posts, a little under a third of the whole thread. I don't understand what you're so opposed to. I can see you not caring a jot for the quality of TW, taking and leaving what you like, but then why try to stand in the way of folks trying to do what they can to improve the MB? I've just never really understood people who feel the need to argue on behalf of apathy.

If a potentially witty and intelligent poster had a look around TW, didn't find anything interesting and went on his way to warmer climates, then sure - it wouldn't be "a big deal" in the grand scheme of many lives. It would be preferable if they stayed, though. And where's the harm in an individual doing what they can to aid their preferences?

I could be a genius if I just put my mind to it.

andro gene
(stardust savant)
04/21/03 09:26 AM
Re: shame, mister twister new [re: twister]  

In reply to:

Andro, your arguments seem never a baby step away from "does it matter? We're all going to die anyway".

well, it's true, ain't it?

anyway, i did apologize if i offended anyone. i do realize that this place is important to some people. i don't exactly know why i bothered arguing in the first place. i guess i just picture a bunch of restrictions and rules being set forth and that is something i'd be against, especially since this is a public website.

your funeral...my trial

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