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(cracked actor)
06/14/03 00:29 AM
I'm being prompted...  

To log into http://www.manannan.net (realm: lagoon) in a pop-up whenever I access certain board pages.

Does anyone know what's going on?

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(crash course raver)
06/14/03 00:35 AM
Re: I'm being prompted... new [re: Coan_teen]  

I get this too, and it's really annoying... What's up with that!?


You are an undiagnosed high functioning schizophrenic.

white rabbit
06/14/03 02:23 AM
Hypotheses new [re: Coan_teen]  

It noticed it too and it seems to occur when the poster Chaos Mage appears on a thread.

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06/14/03 01:41 PM
Oh Wow! new [re: white rabbit]  

Oh wow Mr. Rabbit! I think you are a very good detective!! I am getting this message too! I thought it was just my computer but it is everybody!?! Has anybody tried logging onto it?!?

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(cracked actor)
06/14/03 03:48 PM
popups of any kind are the devil new [re: Coan_teen]  

yeah, i'm getting it too, i find it pops up most when i open attachments.

it's bothering me. and i'm too scared to try and log in.

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(electric tomato)
06/14/03 07:39 PM
Re: Hypotheses new [re: white rabbit]  

In reply to:

it seems to occur when the poster Chaos Mage appears on a thread

i could be wrong, but i do believe its a prompt to enter his homepage.

I showed him my thing and it killed him

06/14/03 08:14 PM
Re: Hypotheses new [re: Tennille]  

Yes it's Chaos Mage that is causing this

His/her icon is located at -
and in order to view that image, you need to type in
a login id and password

Well spotted Mr Rabbit.

Thank god for Johnny.

(stardust savant)
06/14/03 08:58 PM
Re: Hypotheses new [re: steveo]  

Quickly, Adam, to the Mod-mobile!

[theme music plays]

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The Fisting of Life
(grinning soul)
06/15/03 00:24 AM
thought for the day new [re: Ruskie]  

you ought to get a pop up killer

(grinning soul)
06/15/03 11:33 AM
Re: thought for the day new [re: The Fisting of Life]  

I have a pop-up killer and it doesn't work for that. I think that's because it's a dialog box and not a true pop-up.

I always hit cancel and it gets rid of it with no problems. My assumption was that it was an advert. It doesn't really bother me.

and the rain sets in

(crash course raver)
06/15/03 02:12 PM
this chaos is killing.... new [re: zgylbyslvgrl_016]  

It appears Chaos Mage has her/his image linked to a protected site, hence the password verification will pop up each time that image is summoned. I have edited the profile to remove the image.

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T.J. Newton
06/15/03 05:09 PM
Awesome! new [re: The Fisting of Life]  

In reply to:

you ought to get a pop up killer

And you have the best avatar I've ever seen.
revidescent and her Requiem For A Dream avatar is on the second place.

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In a body without a heart
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(crash course raver)
06/15/03 05:16 PM
Re: Awesome! new [re: T.J. Newton]  

Thankies! My avatar rules. :)


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(electric tomato)
06/15/03 06:35 PM
Re: Awesome! new [re: T.J. Newton]  

In reply to:

revidescent and her Requiem For A Dream avatar is on the second place.

I knew id seen that anim-gif somewhere before!

The Fisting of Life
(grinning soul)
06/19/03 12:08 PM
avatar praise new [re: T.J. Newton]  

thanks. i do what i can to keep up appearances.

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