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(mortal with potential)
08/18/03 01:52 AM
photo gallery section  

I'm writing in to say that I've found that a large percentage of the thumbnail images in the photo area of the TW site won't enlarge, or send me to random other websites when I click on them. This is a shame since this is such a good resource for images, etc. I wonder if the photo section needs a bit of maintenance?

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(cracked actor)
08/18/03 02:06 AM
Re: photo gallery section new [re: DBgrrrl]  

so much of TW needs maintainance and updating, but we can't ask too much of our dear Evan Torrie (or is he still going by Dr. Evil these days?). He's a busy guy. Just be glad the resources that do work do so regularly, such as this wonderful message board...

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(crash course raver)
08/18/03 02:33 AM
Re: photo gallery section new [re: DBgrrrl]  

Many of those images are linked to hallospaceboy.com which was an alias of Teenage Wildlife up until a few months ago. There was also www.bowieisgod.com and of course www.teenagewildlife.com

But only one survives now.

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