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(cracked actor)
11/06/03 04:51 PM
Re: A New Forum at TW: Ratings and Rankings new [re: Adam]  

In reply to:

News, Views and Questions
Discuss the latest Bowie and music-related news stories and ask your questions about his music.

The forum dedicated to rating, ranking and reviewing songs and albums.

I know no-one else seems to be very enthusiastic over this, but I'd just like to say that I would love it.

I really, really hate all the ratings threads. They bore and annoy me, and I honestly couldn't care less about who ranks which song how. I am, however, interested in actual Bowie news and discussion. Lately though, with so many threads in NVQ being rating ones, I just take a look at it and leave. (I seem to have a very strange deep hatred for the ranking threads, because I don't even want to look at them, let alone sort through them to find the threads that interest me.)

I'm assuming that most of you don't share my rating-threads phobia, but just wanted to get my two cents' in.

(P.S. even though I said the threads bore and annoy me, I hope no-one who enjoys these threads takes this as an attack. I understand that the large part of TW finds them entertaining and useful.)

But I didn't throw up, and that's what's important.

(stardust savant)
11/06/03 04:56 PM
this post is about [ratings] new [re: Starlite]  

Starlite, a valid opinion. At least all the ratings threads are marked as such so you know which ones to avoid. I avoided all the Alphabet Survivor threads - every single one, but I knew which ones to avoid simply by the title which was good. I enjoy the other ratings threads and appreciate that they are labelled as such.

Bowie in Australia February 2004
the wait is almost over

White Prism
11/06/03 06:06 PM
Re: A New Forum at TW: Ratings and Rankings new [re: Starlite]  

In reply to:

(starlite)I understand that the large part of TW finds [ranking threads] entertaining and useful.

Let's just say that the ranking threads are an acquired taste. For one thing, they require an excellent display of literacy from their contributors in terms of both musical knowledge and written skills. If one took the time to study them in detail, one can only marvel at the meticulousness and rigour with which they are compiled, not to mention the consistency of reasoning behind the lists. And the entertainment value- whoa!!

In reply to:

(SLC)I avoided all the Alphabet Survivor threads - every single one…

Well I for one was hoping to reinitiate the whole process now that we have a new album – Reality – to take into consideration. I'd like to nominate myself to curate such an eventuality myself, when it arises.

(stardust savant)
11/06/03 07:02 PM
Re: A New Forum at TW: Ratings and Rankings new [re: White Prism]  

Well, I may just partake in the next one! I missed the first few rounds of the last and just didn't get into it after that. Maybe wait two more albums and then we'll do another.

But seriously, I wouldn't really bother. Cos we know how much most people around here love to hate all of Bowie's recent output so wouldn't it just be a waste of time trying to compare new songs to old?

Bowie in Australia February 2004
the wait is almost over

(cracked actor)
11/06/03 07:27 PM
Re: A New Forum at TW: Ratings and Rankings new [re: Adam]  

Since we're discussing possible new forums, I'd like to chime in on the possibility of one for newbies, Introduce Yourself or some such title. After observing loads of threads started for this purpose in Coffee Shop (and elsewhere)... seems not a bad concept to me.

I notice a lot of other forums have a Live and Recorded section on bands, with sub-sections for rating, reviews etc. So maybe the NV&Q section could break out into Hard news/Questions, Reviews/Ratings and a Live section for upcoming and past show discussions and hook-ups for shows...?

I like the idea of a separate Photo forum, but can't figure how it would work well... so many areas to cover. *shrug*

"Military justice is to justice what military music is to music." - Groucho Marx

(crash course raver)
11/06/03 10:00 PM
Re: A New Forum at TW: Ratings and Rankings new [re: Tin]  

I think there is too much latitute given on N,V&Q right now. It seems like anything goes, even non-Bowie related items. A well defined split, combined with stricter moderation would bring some needed order to this forum. My argument for a split into Views on Bowie music, video, hairdos, etc. and Bowie news, Bowie in the media and matters bio/discographical, etc. is based on my belief that opinions come and go and tend to be recycled or stated anew by newbies while historical matters should be built upon - into a mini-encyclopedia, if you will.
As an example, say someone posed the following question at the current N,V&Q: "At which concerts did Roxy Music open for Bowie?". It seems to me that such a question, which requires but one proper response, has a good chance of getting snowed under by a torrent on opinion threads and might end up on page 3 or so by the time someone knowledgeable enough to answer comes along.
If a split were made, the factual forum could be permanent or rarely purged, thus building up a body of knowledge, while the opinion forum could be culled more often, given that much of that content is ephemeral.

Edited by globule2 on 11/08/03 09:50 AM (server time).

11/07/03 03:20 AM
OK, so maybe I'm not entirely sober [re: Adam]  


OK, so for non-grammar-nazis such as myself, "forums" has come to be acceptable. But really, wouldn't we all rather be pure and erudite?


The average American walks less than 400 yards a day. The average American needs to get off his lazy ass and go for a walk -Mark Stevens

11/07/03 03:51 AM
Marks And Sparks new [re: Strawman]  

In reply to:

Okay, I get the message loud & clear, though it could have been a private one.

Hey, Strawie, somehow that reminds me of something ...

Anyway, this is certainly not targeted against you. Myself and loads of others around here are big fans of the rating threads - whoever started them. And yes, those threads very often start good talk and discussion. So stop crying and put the "ChangesOneBowie" game back on. I want to have a full result.

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(stardust savant)
11/07/03 06:11 AM
this sounds fine new [re: Adam]  

Most message boards have more fora than TW does. I don't see why that should scare off newcomers. And a split of NVQ in order to make news threads stay on top longer is fine. There might be other ways to split (for example, Bowieaudio has a special forum dedicated to Reality) but a ratings forum makes sense precisely because the rating/list threads are so popular and so many.

11/08/03 01:49 AM
Re: A New Forum at TW: Ratings and Rankings new [re: Adam]  

great idea, Adam.

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