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11/28/03 10:27 AM
WTF!?! Puter eaten by popups! new  

There I am, innocently checking the first gig of the Earthling Tour when I see a couple of pics. They seem clickable. I click on the left one and my computer DROWNS in popups, including the ones that maximise themselves and generate new ones when you close them.

Come on TW, this is surely not the idea. A few banners, shit happens, hosting isn't free, but this? I wasn't even close to an ad banner when this happened.

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(thunder ocean)
11/28/03 10:38 AM
Re: WTF!?! Puter eaten by popups! [re: Earthling7]  

It happends because those pictures were hosted in hallospaceboy.com that has apparently disappeared. So now it takes you to an awfully annoying search site-place with quazillions of popups.

I recommend you check the link url before clicking at it, if it's from hallospaceboy.com it's not going to work. Some pictures however are on the TW server and should work fine.

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11/28/03 11:21 AM
Re: WTF!?! Puter eaten by popups! new [re: Sysiyo]  

That's just awful! And to let Spaceboy fall into such evil hands... I remember hallospaceboy.com...

Anyways, grrr.

Thanks for clearing that up...

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