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12/29/03 07:47 PM
Searching new  

When I go into the lyrics section of TW and do a search on "test"
the search result does not include -
Baby Grace (A Horrid Cassette)
Why is this?

And if I search on the word "meander", I get an empty list.
Yet meander appears in the song -
Across The Universe.

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(thunder ocean)
12/30/03 05:10 AM
Re: Searching new [re: steveo]  

Because the search function is not working.

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12/30/03 02:17 PM
Re: Searching new [re: Sysiyo]  

That's a shame.
460 Bowie songs on file.
Can the search function be fixed ?

(thunder ocean)
12/30/03 03:17 PM
Re: Searching [re: steveo]  

Only Evan could do it (since he is the only one who can edit the antire site, Adam can make changes in the CP only), and he hasn't been around very much in the last few years, has he?

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(stardust savant)
12/31/03 06:42 AM
I'm not helpful new [re: steveo]  

Bah! I was about to tell you that you could get all the lyrics as a text file from TW's music section, and then search in that one -- but apparently that file existed on another site hallospaceboy.com which is now discontinued. So... that option is also closed.

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12/31/03 10:27 AM
I like to google on a Saturday night new [re: Emil]  

You can use Google's advanced search to search lyrics at TW.

Click on the "advanced search" link the right of the search field (where you type words you're searching for)

Once you're on the advanced search page type your term(s) and scroll down to "Domain". Type in teenagewildlife.com and then run your search.

FYI, you cannot, apparently, search the TW boards this way, but my test of "meander" did pull down the lyrics for "Across the Universe". A search for "test" pulled down several pages of crap from the old guestbook boards and news section, but I'm sure the Baby Grace lyrics were in there somewhere. Unfortunately, it does not appear you can further limit the search to only certain parts of TW, like teenagewildlife.com/Albums (where all the lyrics are).

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01/05/04 04:48 AM
More Googling new [re: power2charm]  

The easiest way to find phrases in Bowie lyrics by Google is to type the phrase you are looking for in quotation marks and add the words Bowie and lyrics. Example: "waiting in the sky" Bowie lyrics. This will get you loads of lyric sources that include "Starman", TW included. Obviously this is getting more difficult if you only search with one single word of a song.

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