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(electric tomato)
04/14/04 08:26 AM
Re: If you got a problem . . . new [re: Marquis]  

I thought it was just me, and then I read the other thread and thought "wow Bowie himself pmed me!" I feel so used...

I asked for a head massage, no response. Maybe he's got one day of the year, like Father Christmas, when he'll sneak down our chimneys and sort us all out. We'll wake up unexpectadely jubilent and refreshed. A soul cleansing if you will! I usually keep the fire lit though, to stop random TWers from sliding down the chimeney. I swear if i find Monkeyboy's got stuck again!

Its about time I had a signature

The Shadow
04/14/04 11:38 PM
Re: If you got a problem . . . new [re: Marquis]  

In reply to:

. . . BertieWooster will solve it.

Sounds like a top-hole idea to me. I say, Wooster old chap, how would you resolve the situation with these Iraqi johnnies, what? Shoot 'em or let 'em get on with killing one another?

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?
The Shadow knows

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