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(thunder ocean)
05/19/04 08:02 AM
Oopsing. new  

After being unable to come to TW yesterday because of the Oops message, I'd like to bring back up a suggestion made by WildWind (I think) in the past.

Putting Coffee Shop in Auto Expire.

The auto expiry system is working perfectly fine for the Artiste forum (though there has been a slight slump in posts made there). There are a relatively few threads in CS that are important enough to be kept eternally (of couse, defining important is another thing, I shall arrive to it shortly), so something like a 100-day expiry (as in Artiste) would work rather fine. Mind you, that is 100 days after the last reply to the thread, not 100 days after the creation of the thread.

Threads that are considered to be good enough to be kept can be marked kept by the moderators (Adam, Ohramona and Tati_wl in the case of CS), and they will be excluded from the expiration. Possibly a comittee could be set up to decide which threads ought to be kept, but people could also simply make a request to the mods and they could use their own judgement.

What do you think?

KArt | Project Michelangelo | LiveJournal

05/19/04 09:27 AM
Re: Oopsing. new [re: Sysiyo]  

Horrible idea, absolutely horrible.
Admit it Sys, you're only suggesting this because you don't read coffee shop threads yourself.

The God you love is gone
He lies broken by your shame
The thing that took his place already died

(stardust savant)
05/19/04 09:31 AM
Re: Oopsing. new [re: Sysiyo]  

Fair enough.

Gone are the glorious days of thbdb.

-Midget! Crapper!

(grinning soul)
05/19/04 09:33 AM
Girl with the mousey hair, part II new [re: Sysiyo]  

Hello again Sysiyo. I know you like to respond sincerely and responsibly to everyone’s posts and take their suggestions to heart; let’s hope you do so with this one.

In reply to:

defining important is another thing

Well there you go. Exactly how do you expect the TW community to believe that YOU of all people are in a dependable position to criticize the Coffee Shop and separate the chaff from the wheat? Whenever you flood the board with your inane single-sentence responses and your very special breed of humor, you rarely give any thought to the cumulative effect your posts have on poor Evan’s wallet. Out of your 8000 posts, at least 70% of them are geared towards the opposition of Hunky Dory, which is something that IF you had bothered to consider your actions before banging the submit button for the 6000th time, could have been adequately summarized in ONE post. Now add up the total cost in bandwidth of displaying Sysiyo’s silly narcissistic avatars, the repeated ‘jokes’, the history of Bowie when he was signed to Deram which no one wants to hear about, and you’ll only then begin to comprehend the immensity of Sysiyo’s uselessness and detrimental effect on the board. Yes, my fellow TWers, I’m looking for an OUTRIGHT BAN on Sysiyo.

Now the more recent denizens of TW may think that I’m overreacting, but I think I’d better illustrate my point with a couple of examples. Here is a TYPICAL EXAMPLE of Sysiyo’s average contribution to a thread. I’d like my fellow TWers to consider that I clicked on this thread completely at random and can therefore be interpreted as a measure of the true calibre of Sysiyo’s posts. Not only does it contain one of those ridiculously humorless ‘better than Hunky Dory’ messages, but she compounds her onslaught by wasting yet more space on the server with a pointless ‘is too!’ follow-up. Please remember that all of these worthless posts of Sysiyo’s have to be catalogued, indexed and date-stamped on the TW server and the overall effect is one that makes a far greater contribution to oops messages than many dozens of threads. In fact, I’m sure if Adam or Evan had the good sense to wipe out ALL of her 7000 messages, TW would never receive an Oops message ever again!

(Note to Sysiyo: Dinner at eight, don’t be late! )

If we even had to select another forum for periodic culling, I suggest Collectors’ Corner which contains far fewer interesting threads once they’ve been answered initially (they are rarely revived). Also, I maintain the accusation I have stated on numerous occasions that CC is over-populated by pedophiles who are single-handedly responsible for the mysterious disappearance of many of TW’s finest posters over the years (I have reliable sources indicate that Skellaway has both Kirk and Sylvanelf locked in his basement.)

Thank you for your time.

i ate TJ

(thunder ocean)
05/19/04 09:53 AM
Someone is reminding me of ddz74. new [re: Hannibal_Lecter]  

You confuse my gender, dear mr. Lecter.

Like I indicated in my post, had you read it properly, I do not claim to know what posts are important enough to be saved. Indeed, I completely agree that my contributions, especially in the said forum, are quite meaningless. However, as this is a David Bowie message board, I would say it's perfectly fair we concentrate on things that concern mister Bowie. Coffee Shop does not. Do we need threads like this, this or this saved for future reference? (No offense to the people who created and ansvered to those threads. They were selected at random).

On a related note, a large portion of 7734 posts of mine do not in fact exist, they were deleted when Evan removed a notable amount of old posts in TW a few years ago to speed up the operation of the site. An autoexpiry system would nullify the need for another large delete-spree like that. Additionally, there are 253373 posts in Coffee Shop at this writing. My posts, numerous as they are, are just a drop in the ocean.

Also, my avatars are all hosted off-site, and (if my understanding of how these things work is correct) hence do not use TW's bandwidth.

KArt | Project Michelangelo | LiveJournal

(stealing for that one good rush)
05/19/04 10:28 AM
Re: Oopsing. new [re: Sysiyo]  

Are expired posts archived or simply deleted to never be seen or heard from again?

One problem with implimenting this will be to go back through all the threads that exist to save valuable ones that haven't been seen in some time, like this (last posted 10/24/03), just to mention one. Anyway, there are years worth of threads that are worth saving, but it would take almost just as long to go through and sift out the valuable ones before innitiating the auto-expire sequence.

Perhaps a select retiring of old picture threads and the like?

I'll be seeing YOU in New York, Detroit, Philadelphia, Boston, Kansas City, St. Louis, Washington DC, Moline, Columbus, Wantagh, and Holmdel. So dress sharp.

Edited by dukewhite on 05/19/04 10:39 AM (server time).

(stardust savant)
05/19/04 10:31 AM
The Strawman Solution new [re: Sysiyo]  

Bung the surplus threads over to LOW

There's room in abundance.

(stardust savant)
05/19/04 11:40 AM
Save our Future new [re: Sysiyo]  

Actually, Sys, I like the International Differences thread. Sure, CS is not about Bowie, but like it or not it'sthe most thriving part of the MBs. I would be sad to see its threads deleted. I'm already saddened that many Artiste threads I liked are gone, but I understand why it had to be done. Still, I'd like CS to remain as is.

Maybe if I write this now, while drunk, you'll all understand.

(thunder ocean)
05/19/04 01:01 PM
Re: Oopsing. new [re: dukewhite]  

In reply to:

Are expired posts archived or simply deleted to never be seen or heard from again?

Deleted, unfortunately.

KArt | Project Michelangelo | LiveJournal

(leasing the moon)
05/19/04 01:07 PM
Re: Oopsing. new [re: Sysiyo]  

I'm all for it.

Maybe more mods could be assigned for Coffee Shop, so that we'd get a wider variety of saved threads.

Nobody buys matching purple suits unless they are in love.

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