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06/17/04 05:29 PM
Look what I got !  

You have been banned from making any new posts or sending private messages. The reason for this ban is: illicit pictures

This is what I read after attempting to make a post on a football thread in Coffee Shop. I couldn't believe what I was reading!! I did post a picture of Dennis Bergkamp earlier today, and however to some it may appear illicit (especially to Argentinians), but in general that should be okay, shouldn't it?

Anyway, on a second attempt, my post went through normally. Now, what just happened to me? Have others experienced the same? Has TW gone berserk?


(stealing for that one good rush)
06/17/04 06:21 PM
Re: Look what I got ! new [re: NoGame]  

In reply to:

Has TW gone berserk?

Do you really have to ask?

get dukewhite to Europe
Twelve just wasn't enough!

(crash course raver)
06/17/04 08:09 PM
RUSSIA! RUSSIA! RUSSIA! new [re: NoGame]  

Apparently Adam isn't very fond of the Russian squad.

Dr Evil
(your evil father)
06/18/04 03:57 AM
Re: Look what I got ! new [re: NoGame]  

In reply to:

Has TW gone berserk?

No. Everything is quite normal.

In order to heighten the Teenage Wildlife experience (and to counterbalance the absence of anonymous posters), we've decided to employ random accusations and insults before posting.

Adam thought of the one about illicit pictures. Personally I thought it was a bit weak but rest assured, I have a few good ones in there.

Dr. Evil

E> (evilwebmaster@teenagewildlife.com)

06/19/04 06:47 AM
How evil indeed ! new [re: Dr Evil]  


Too bad that the post I typed in the box was lost, so I could start all over again. And I was so going for the Post of the Week on the soccer thread.


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