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(crash course raver)
07/12/04 00:33 AM
Reckon I might bounce  


I want to leave Teenage Wildlife. It would be appreciated if you deleted my account.

I have decided to leave for a few reasons that aren't of open importance. I just want to go.

Much appreciated.

07/12/04 04:43 AM
Re: Reckon I might bounce new [re: soho_beatnik]  

Give me the password so I can bring this down in a proper way.

Please, don't judge...

I bear more grudges
than lonely high court judges

07/16/04 00:03 AM
Re: Reckon I might bounce new [re: soho_beatnik]  

It's not advised to delete accounts due to the interfacing between the registry and the message board.

If you no longer intend to frequent the board or are away for extended periods, the smartest thing is to make sure that private message notifications are forwarded to your email.....or otherwise turn them off altogether.

Oh and goughwhitlam is posting again.

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(stealing for that one good rush)
07/16/04 00:21 AM
Re: Reckon I might bounce new [re: Adam]  

In reply to:

Oh and goughwhitlam is posting again.

Perhaps that's one of the secret reasons he's leaving.

currently recovering from heart problems in German hospital

(crash course raver)
07/16/04 02:08 AM
Re: Reckon I might bounce new [re: Adam]  

I came round to see if it was gone yet.

Ok, so you can't just get rid of it. Right.

I might point out that no-one, including Megan, whom I am on speaking terms with, has caused me to make this decision. I don't want to be here anymore. It's fairly simple.


(electric tomato)
07/16/04 09:20 AM
Re: Reckon I might bounce new [re: soho_beatnik]  

Love the way you announced this on the boards rather than PMing Adam...really smooth.

If you think we're gonna make it...

07/17/04 01:27 PM
Stop! . . . . Hammertime new [re: soho_beatnik]  

Threads like this make me wish I'd been a bit more serious about my beloved TW Time Clock becoming *the* thread to make your goodbyes/glorious returns on. It was my one attempt to de-clutter the boards, quite possibly the most valuable contribution I've ever made to TW (other than my 80 some odd posts about Illmatic, which are gospel), and now it exists only as a beautiful dream. And by beautiful dream, I mean something I can still dredge up and link to every other month. And by every other month, I mean every time anyone posts a farewell thread.

See, now I'm being repetitive. So, a new topic: last night I slept on the floor, and apparently also on a hammer, which I don't remember feeling but which would account for the soreness around my left shoulder. Discuss.

Bitch bend over, I'm here for a reason

07/17/04 02:41 PM
Screw it. new [re: Marquis]  

In reply to:


Smoked a little too much herb last night, did we?

07/17/04 05:06 PM
Screwballz new [re: Tristan]  

If anything, not enough. It would have prevented me from drinking that tequila.

Bitch bend over, I'm here for a reason

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