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(electric tomato)
08/21/04 09:47 AM
Re: The real demise of Diamondogz74 [re: zigbot]  

In reply to:

better start minding our P's and Q's, counting our posts, and thinking "there but for the grace of moderators, go I."

They can go shag themselves...seems if you breath in wrong 5 of them will be on to you immediately for pissing them off. This is seriously unfair. Maybe we should ALL have a post limit or anyone who ever irrated a single other person should be thrown out...don't want to appear inconsistant after all. What a pile of WANK.

If you think we're gonna make it...
DD74 is my idol

08/21/04 10:38 AM
Get Get Get Get Get Over It! [re: hangontoyourself]  

In reply to:

This is seriously unfair.

It is neither seriously unfair nor unforseen. This isn't a recent thing by any stretch; Dogz has been infuriating the TW populace at large for nearly a year. It isn't 5 people who decided they didn't want him around, it was the 44 posters who had him bozoed, as well as the many others who hadn't gone that far but considered it.

And not only was he adequately warned and tolerated for far too long, I believe that deep down, like any troll, this is what he wanted. So cheerz to you, doggie, you have united TW. And the rest of you have at least 4000 posts of shit to roll around in in reminiscence.

Edit: Oh, and I almost forgot. THBDB. You shouldn't have made a new thread, now we'll have to ban you!

Sadness is for poor people.

Edited by Marquis on 08/21/04 10:40 AM (server time).

(thunder ocean)
08/21/04 10:45 AM
Re: Get Get Get Get Get Over It! [re: Marquis]  

Hear hear, well spoken Marquis. It would be seriously unfair if DDZ had been banend out of the blue, without any proper explanation. However, that is not the case. There have been requests for his banning from the first weeks he was a TW member. He has continuously irritated people, and continued his behavious despite repeated pleas and warnings.

And let me tell you, this isn't the first time a TW user has been banned for simply posting too much and being a general asshole (any of the older fellas remember Bananaman?). Only back then the action was much more swift. We gave plenty of time to DDZ to start behaving, but he did nothing of the kind.

KArt | Project Michelangelo | LiveJournal

(wild eyed peoploid)
08/21/04 02:05 PM
Re: Get Get Get Get Get Over It! [re: Marquis]  

According to the logically of your contribution U got 29 bozos to go!!!

08/21/04 02:19 PM
A dne B [re: NoMoreNoLess]  

I'll start worrying about it when I get more than 5 threads started about what an idiot I am. I'm sure dearlydeparted had more than 15 in his tenure.

Furthermore, you're a dullard without a shred of a sense of humor, and a terminally annoying shit-stirring troll to boot. I'm with Stu; off with his head!

Sadness is for poor people.

08/21/04 03:25 PM
Re: The real demise of Diamondogz74 [re: hangontoyourself]  

the only thing wrong about the 7-posting-rule was to give DDz this chance at all.

"Have you tried... not being a mutant?"

(thunder ocean)
08/21/04 03:27 PM
Re: The real demise of Diamondogz74 [re: th0mas]  

I asked for his banning nearly a year ago. If everyone would have agreed then, we would have been saved from a whole lot of bullshit.

KArt | Project Michelangelo | LiveJournal

(stardust savant)
08/21/04 03:31 PM
Re: Get Get Get Get Get Over It! [re: Sysiyo]  

Right. You can get banned from ANY board for being a jackass and irritating almost everyone on it.

You can also be banned for being continuously offensive and not respecting the rules of the board.

We've had people banned for both reasons before, and ddz74 more than fulfilled the criteria.

Maybe if I write this now, while drunk, you'll all understand.

(wild eyed peoploid)
08/21/04 04:08 PM
Re: A dne B [re: Marquis]  

I have never been mean to any members here!!! My sense of humor does not inclued degrading of people i actually dont know.I know Ur pissed but I dont undersand why, but in the future I will keep low profil and not disturbing Your delicate feelings and humorous contribution. The 15 members whos bozos U are morons and dosent count (I am a idiot too and I dont even bother to bozo U)

Ohh, its funny and contains so much wisdom
"Furthermore, you're a dullard without a shred of a sense of humor, and a terminally annoying shit-stirring troll to boot. I'm with Stu; off with his head"

(wild eyed peoploid)
08/21/04 05:04 PM
Re: A dne B [re: Marquis]  

Lets make the balance sheet

Registered Users: 9458
Users with visible profiles: 4387

I doubt because I only sees about roughly 30 are active in this site.
Has any one ever noticed the any of this members:
102 from Brazil
83 from Russia ??
58 from Israel
48.from Argentina
40 from Japan
14 from India
13 matches Africa
13. from Bulgaria
8 from Romania
4 from Iran
only one member from Taiwan?????

Specially im pissed on the Taiwan he/she for never been able to bozo him/her (just joking...ha ha)...funny eh)
Im also wondering how to cancel my membership, but maybe I missed the. Button.
Think it over...if these people have known u...how many do u think haved bozoed U

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