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08/21/04 07:02 PM

If this twat is to be allowed to post here, I quit.

The toleration of his continued presence will result in TW descending into a crazed hell. Don't say I didn't warn you.

*** ***** **** *********

(electric tomato)
08/22/04 12:28 PM
Re: NoMoreNoLess new [re: 96dbFreak]  

Didn't he say he was leaving? If not, I may be forced to pronounce my second ever bozo. Karmastarman was one, NoMoreNoLess may be number 2.

1.outside is a dissasosciative identity hypercrime

(electric tomato)
08/22/04 12:54 PM
Re: NoMoreNoLess new [re: 96dbFreak]  

I've never heard of this dude...

If you think we're gonna make it...
DD74 is my idolStill I'm gonna miss you

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