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(stardust savant)
10/22/04 02:37 PM
Re: Ah, I see. new [re: Sysiyo]  

In reply to:

Was that clear enough for you?

Enough for me. The clear impression I've gotten is that people can now be banned simply for being annoying.

I have to admit that I'm seriously doubting my loyalty to and/or involvement in these boards if that really is the case. Which it seems to be.

With a bozo filter already in place, banning someone for any reason outside of threats or other potentially dangerous behavior is nothing short of an abuse of power. We don't need party planners or Social Engineers, thank you. If we don't like someone, we can ignore them very easily and obvious trolls such as the one mentioned have always faded away within a matter of weeks. A few weeks of annoyance are worth having a board where people need not fear their stupidity getting kicked out of the group. I know that historically "social darwinism" has come to mean something very different, but a re-definition of the term may be useful for this sort of setting. There are people here who can verbally abuse the idiots into leaving and we do so in a way that tends to be highly entertaining to many people. Banning people simply for being abnoxious not only destroys the "democratic tradition" that we like to talk about, but it robs a few of us of potentially great material.

This place started eroding the second that Alters were banned. Think Frontier Thesis if you need to. Ever since then the policy is becoming more and more "be popular or die".

For good or for awesome

(stardust savant)
10/22/04 05:09 PM
It hurts to disagree with you, Marquis new [re: Marquis]  

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but surely you can't deny that going from zero to acolyte in 6 months is indicative of a wicked case of logorrhea.

Yeah. So what? At least there was some content to his posts. Sure it was moronic and totally annoying, but it was clear to me that there was some purpose to them. If only to him. The idiot. That, to me, doesn't really constitute a bannable offense. I also have to wonder if he would have been banned if it were clear that he was joking. I still contend that ddgz is the most brilliantly constructed alter ever. If that were the case I don't think that he would have been banned.

In reply to:

Whether or not dogz' posting habits constituted 'flooding' exactly is certainly debatable....and his pre-banned incarnation showed neither remorse for his clutter nor any sign that he was planning to heed the collective cry of TW to stem the flow of his mis-punctuated nonsense.

That's exactly the problem. It is debatable. Maybe the guy just had a lot to say. A lot of stupid, but still a lot. He never failed to enrage me but I never hoped for a second that he would actually let that change his behavior. That's what makes this place so doggone swell (or it did); everyone's allowed to be as smart, idiotic, blatantly fictional, cleverly hidden, ignorant, or tolerant as they like. The real fun comes in seeing how all of these different behaviors and mindsets come together to form a whole that is dependant upon the sum of its parts. Asking someone to show remorse for being a total jackass is just putting too much effort into feeding them more reasons to continue being one. Which is pretty much why I enjoy asking him to.

In reply to:

At any rate, the whole affair is in the past, so your diatribe seems a little untimely.

Yes, but it raises some concerns that might need to be looked at. If ddgz was banned because of his lack of content, I can name about 50 people who are a better example of such a thing - Elsie the cow comes to mind as does Rose Stardust. Though it would pain me to see either one of them go. Okay, maybe I could handle Elsie leaving. But the point is that she shouldn't have to. If it is the quantity of posts, maybe we should have banned Shyster some time ago. The point is that with the banning of ddgz, the bar for banning has been lowered significantly. Before it was anything that could be seen as potentially dangerous, like the stalker I encountered many years ago. Evan will forever be my homey for taking care of that problem. Aleczandeh was a different kind of dangerous. He came in and announced proudly that he was determined to acheive a certain status within a relatively short amount of time (I think it was a week). Evan, rightfully, banned the fucker because the message had to be sent that such behavior wouldn't be tolerated as it genuinely got in the way of anyone having any sort of coherent discussion. I don't know if you were around for it but even I, the sworn defender of the Anon, applauded the ban. Then Alecz went on to become the darling of BowieNet, which should really tell us all something about that shit site. The only real message that has been sent with ddgz's banning is that if your posts aren't up to a changable, vaguely-defined quality that is known by only about 32 people (and who all have varying opinions on what the standard really is), you aren't welcome here.

In reply to:

I will submit for your consideration that it is precisely because you had dogz bozoed that you may not have a full appreciation for his (alleged) transgressions. Even I stopped caring one way or another once I put him on the list.

That's another problem. People are too stupid, lazy, or fascist to simply use thier bozo filter to modify the forum to thier liking. If you don't like someone, just avoid them. Far too many people are anxious to see people that might rub them the wrong way removed from everyone's view.

In reply to:

However, if the inhabitants of my bozo filter were to start flooding Coffee Shop with dead baby photos, would their behavior be any less ban-able because I, personally, was able to ignore it?

A few angles on this one. First, it wouldn't be your problem. Second, such a thing should be edited. If the offense continued then maybe we shouldn't be able to post photos for a while. After the option was enabled again, should the people continue to do it we might need to consider a ban. Regardless, I think no bans should happen without a vote or without Evan initiating it. It is his site after all and he can ditch its democratic structure whenever he sees fit. And finally, should I be banned for continually tricking people into seeing this? No. Because a) it's funny, and b) I am a long-standing member of this community. But when we start throwing around fancy ideas like democracy and fairness, should that even matter?

I'm actually glad that new people can't register because we should get this whole thing more or less figured out before we start submitting new people to our odd ideas of who is worthy enough to post what. And we all know the stupid shit newbies post.

Oh, how I miss them.

For good or for awesome

(stardust savant)
10/22/04 06:00 PM
He really got to you didn't he? new [re: Monkeyboy]  

In reply to:

If it is the quantity of posts, maybe we should have banned Shyster some time ago.

Shyster - Registered - 11/21/02 - Posts - 793

Contribution - Fucked a few people off yet ultimately cracked a whole lot more of 'em up.

diamondogz74 - Registered - 07/20/03 - Posts - 3,719

Contibution - Fucked most people off and added considerable weight to an already wankety server.

In this world second thoughts, it seems, are best.

(wild eyed peoploid)
10/22/04 06:56 PM
Re: The Euro Mods are watching you new [re: 96dbFreak]  

The Euro Mods are just full of themselves... but WHY do you so violently despise DD74?!!?!! Honestly, you people...

Gimme some good 'ole lobotomy...

(stardust savant)
10/22/04 07:00 PM
I must have missed his best stuff new [re: Strawman]  

In reply to:

Shyster - Registered - 11/21/02 - Posts - 793

Contribution - Fucked a few people off yet ultimately cracked a whole lot more of 'em up.

diamondogz74 - Registered - 07/20/03 - Posts - 3,719

Contibution - Fucked most people off and added considerable weight to an already wankety server.

I'll never understand people's defense of Shyster. But I've been told that he actually was worthwhile before I returned from the dead. So I'll assume that is the case.

Okay, bad example. I'm not saying he didn't post an awful lot of really craptacular bullshit, I just don't think it should be a problem so long as they aren't intentionally flooding the boards. It's like Fredo from the Godfather. Just because he's a total retard doesn't make it right for Michael to have him killed.

For good or for awesome

(grinning soul)
10/23/04 03:35 AM
Re: I must have missed his best stuff new [re: Monkeyboy]  

In reply to:

I'll never understand people's defense of Shyster...
Okay, bad example

Maybe not. The fact that the only poster coming running to his rescue this is his creator (Strawman=Shyster as we all know) says it all. Shyster is one of Strawman many totally unfunny alters. Maybe one of these days he'll stumble on a funny one but I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you

This place is shrinking not just in numbers but in minds. Like you say, be popular or die. Get in the in crowd or die.

When I started coming here, there were scores of funny different posters. Lots of different types of funny too. Now there's only one type of funny allowed, a very nerdish geekish humour based round Strawman's unfunny alters and the in crowds stock insults and slams on movies. Anything else they deem not just unfunny, but also annoying and detrimental to interaction, and now it seems that's grounds for banning.

You and p2c and a couple of others are the only half decent posters left. This pathetic little crowd probably won't rest until you're gone too. Then they'll have the place all to themselves which is what they really want deep down. For the most part, this feels like a great party but after nearly all the cool kids went home. Now we're left with a pile of nerds making lists and jokes about each other's glasses.

(grinning soul)
10/23/04 09:45 AM
He’s online - Cooee! new [re: power2charm]  

Jesus motherfucking Christ, I thought I blabbered inordinately until I stumbled back from Miami Airport just this morning, scanning threads for a quick breakfast (you must understand, browsing TW forums is much like browsing a food menu for me) and now I’m very bored. And, in the middle of it all, power2complain has the nerve to ask EJ to be “succinct” while he’s turning each post into friggin’ War and Peace (read that one, Charmy? ). Still, now it’s payback time and I hope p2c justifies this rant with a reply equally sprawling (if ill-conceived) to repudiate my charges which, as you will see, are many and entirely serious.

In reply to:

I am not quite sure if you are serious

In reply to:

Having said all that, though, I can't honestly believe you're serious.

See, here’s where gut reactions lead us astray. 96dbfreak has answered for me on this point already (Hi, Stu! ) but it’s all kind of irrelevant because p2c has outlined half-truths in the changes he would like to see and is now doing his level best to coerce the mods into his method of thinking by suggesting they are inadequate if they do not comply. This smacks of the Thomaswood Rule (an equally verbose and anal thread) where he had to concede he was joking after TW rightly denounced his proposal, yet he’s later called on posters to obey it, as though the law is now established TW code. Now we see why he’s in favour of the “spirit” of the law and not the letter; don’t be fooled – the “power hungry yeti” is p2c himself. And a fat one at that.

Sadly, the upshot is that no-one will now take his plea for the saving of the artiste forum seriously. It is indeed a tragedy that some of those threads have made way for dreary shite like this. Yet beside the TWood Rule, he’s also given a hatchet-job to subjects like Poorsoul and DopeyDogz74 (Christ, powercharm², can’t you start threads about something other than TW?), deliberately agitating posters against said bozoees to a worse degree than any mod has done. His constant slew of attacks and namedropping serve only to focus the topic of discussion around idiots which inevitably creates idiot-posting and idiot-filled threads. THIS IS PRECISELY THE KIND OF INTERACTION-KILLING EJ WAS TALKING ABOUT, you blundering dolt. Regrettably, powuh2charm doesn’t understand that TW is NOT like his stomach, ever-expanding, ever-accommodating to the mountain of shit he puts into it, and that a healthy majority – not just Sysyoyoyo – consented to the expiry of the forum making a painful but necessary sacrifice. Had I contributed regularly to the forum I may feel slightly more aggrieved, but let’s remember it was only initiated to get shut of the bloody awful limerick threads that hogged coffee shop for weeks on end. (Stay-tuned, dear readers, for my debut in there shortly – Corpse in a Corolla. )

WAIT! There’s more!

In reply to:

I bozoed [DD74] and afterwards I hardly knew or cared whether he improved or declined in his inanity.

power2charm (05/07/04)

A BONA FIDE doofus would not likely know and love the works of a fuzzy math euro director like Frank Truffaut. I conclude that ddz74 IS an alter-ego, and I am frightened of the person who would waste their life writing him. Whoever you are, seek help. (Nice touch though in intentionally fucking up the book/film title.)

I'm still bozoing alteregoz74 though cos it's easier than scrolling past his manure.

Oh dear, it’s seems that you couldn’t hold yourself from answering him at all, only that Dogz was so ubiquitous that you felt compelled to reply to him, even as a bozo. Yet why would you respond to a bozo, to chastise him, if he wasn’t hogging discussion and strangling yet another thread he stuck his mucky paws on?

Furthermore, I believe the banning was correct and has led to roughly 150% improvement in Dogz’s own posts. Imagine how great the boards would be if the mods intercepted dickweeds earlier, banned them for a month, then reintegrated them after they’ve had time to acclimatize to TW’s foibles! Let’s face it, some people are asking for it:

Hannibal’s 150% Sin Bin

1) power2charm – I know you said, “Don’t ban posters just because you or others don’t like them,” but I cannot forgive the denigrating slurs you made against cannibalism. So I guess it’s true; I don’t like you. BUT…. I noticed in another thread, however, you were advocating the ban of QualityControl – an organization I indeed know very, very little about – and I’m sure if I asked you to explain this I’d give you enough fodder to rack up another 1000-word essay. So pray, tell us, what was all that about?? Currently, this stands as my second charge of hypocrisy.

2) tonyinsf – Similarly, cannibalistic slurs will make you no friends, Tones, and it’s not simply a matter of not ‘liking’ you, it’s a fact that your posts are total arse as well.

3) Hangontoyourself – She won my little competition of “Prize Twat” which clearly deserves a sin-binning.

4) Claude – Should be banned until someone here can say “internally-linked avatar” in Italian.

Finally, I’d just like to reiterate what an arse-hung toy of a thread this is. ‘Tis a pity that the great Mr TW, once loved by many now relies on the support of DD74 and pablopicasso, and stares into a shallow well of dried-up topics. (I could hardly call your ‘booker’ thread a stunning success, could I?) Speaking of which, how was your little honeymoon with Pablo? Did you get him to shave off the moustache, or did you spend the entire journey squirming against an uncomfortable prickly sensation on your ass? Be sure to let me know if you holiday anywhere else soon, because I LOVE a threesome and, put bluntly……….


I have eaten:
TJ Newton
Stu's dossier
DDz74's sister

(stardust savant)
10/23/04 10:22 AM
Re: He’s online - Cooee! new [re: Hannibal_Lecter]  

In reply to:

‘Tis a pity that the great Mr TW, once loved by many now relies on the support of DD74 and pablopicasso,

As much as I disagree with responding to fictitional characters, please tell me where I supported P2C in his tirade against the EuroMods? My points were more to do with constructive critisism than anything else. I have no gripes with any of the active moderators.

Now, just let me finish

(stardust savant)
10/23/04 11:08 AM
You forget yourself, Doctor new [re: Hannibal_Lecter]  

Dr. Lecter, perhaps you should give yourself a few hours, or even a full day, to recuperate from aeroplane flights before posting; I think you'll agree, once you are rested, that you have not organized your thoughts sufficiently to launch an effective assault on my aims and means vis a vis my Site Feedback threads.

Indeed, I question whether you even understand their purpose, and given your education and experience, which far outstrips mine, I hesistate to frankly divulge my impetuses. (Or is it impeti?)

Your colorful language and appropriations of my username are unbecoming for a man of your Letters. I am surprised and disappointed to observe you in such a reduced condition - I will assign it to the jet lag and think of this post of yours nevermore!

I believe this is your post's thesis:

[power2charm's] constant slew of attacks and namedropping serve only to focus the topic of discussion around idiots which inevitably creates idiot-posting and idiot-filled threads. THIS IS PRECISELY THE KIND OF INTERACTION-KILLING EJ WAS TALKING ABOUT, you blundering dolt.

Am I correct? I will proceed as if I am (as always).

I did not make this thread with Mr. 74 in mind, except insofar as he is back among the fold, I thought it ill-advised for Sysiyo, or any moderator, to continue stating his outright dislike for the poster. The larger point being, as I've stated, that it can be inhibiting for the poster targeted and for other posters observing the dynamic to operate in an environment where the moderators name heroes and villains.

As the banning has been the moderators' biggest challenge since assuming their duties, it is natural that it came up for discussion. It will probably happen again. What happens to people who ignore history, Dr. Lecter? Can you tell us?

My posts on TW are varied in topic; you referenced my Booker Prize thread as being a lesser one. Book threads never do very well on messageboards for various reasons: because there are many books and aside from bestsellers it's difficult to find ones that many on a board have all read, they require patience in the reading, there's much in any one book to address, and so forth.

I post about films and music and teenage girls and all manner of things. I'm comfortable, therefore, in occasionally dropping into Site Feedback where I can roll in the self-referential mud like a pig in his sty. A fat pig, as you've so kindly reminded the good people.

I hope I have adequately addressed your concerns, Dr. Lecter. When you are feeling refreshed, perhaps you will drop by the Booker Prize thread and advise me which novels I might especially enjoy.

"Once in Germany someone said 'nein'!" ~ Jeff Tweedy

(stardust savant)
10/23/04 11:14 AM
Re: I must have missed his best stuff new [re: NomDePlume]  

In reply to:

The fact that the only poster coming running to his rescue this is his creator (Strawman=Shyster as we all know) says it all. Shyster is one of Strawman many totally unfunny alters.

I can see how knowing that would make him funny, actually. Shyster is a somewhat clever alter (if he is one), poking fun at the poster who thinks they are somewhat more of a badass than they really are. But as a unique, real poster he is total shit. But then my policy is pretty consistant that unless it is glaringly obvious (such as Darth Cheney), I am willing to give just about everyone here the benefit of the doubt - knowing fully that the person I just spent five days arguing with could send me a PM stating that they are the creation of a friend of mine. I don't mind being had. It's part of the fun around here.

For good or for awesome

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