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(cracked actor)
02/14/05 06:48 PM

Anons are so boring these days, they might as well post under their registered names. I mean, what's the point in going anon if you're just gonna bore us to death with unentertaining insults.

They just take up valuable bandwig space (was it bandwig or bandwhip?) which can be used by registered users to talk about relevant stuff like prostate cancer, milkshakes, etc

A fart is a fart is a fart...

(cracked actor)
02/14/05 07:43 PM
Re: Anonies new [re: Beltene]  

Or fucking everyone within a two-mile radius.

It's all so deliciously wicked...

(cracked actor)
02/14/05 09:54 PM
Re: Anonies new [re: schizophrenic]  

That too.

A fart is a fart is a fart...

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