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(absolute beginner )
05/18/05 05:24 PM
Re: And furthermore... new [re: Pablo-Picasso]  

In reply to:

There is no such person as moneyboy.

Don't tempt me.

I like big boats and I cannot lie.

(grinning soul)
05/18/05 07:35 PM
Re: This post to be deleted in 3...2...1... new [re: Sysiyo]  

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However I thought Monkeyboy would appriciate the joke

Never laughed so hard in my life. Not since Vietnam, at least.

I'm too old and lazy to care anymore

05/22/05 12:24 PM
Re: What was the crime? new [re: Monkeyboy]  

okay, it's a useless idea to be serious anywhere in this forum as long as you are here but since there are a few other people than monkeyboy i'll still give it a try:

some threads are really just made for creating some nonsense. those are normally located in the coffee shop forum section or, if they have something to do with bowie, in the views & questions section.
and sometimes there are situations when a dumb thread seems to demand for exactly such an answer without being meant unserious. in that case it is of course no problem to post something which is not meant serious, as long as it is funny.
sometimes there is the possibility of delivering one's arguments in a funny way.

but monkeyboy's (picture) posts often don't fall in any of the categories above.
a normal poster would be able to see this and reduce his posts to those which make sense and contribute to the board in some way - even dogz found out how this works. this would make it possible to discuss topics in a serious or at least semi-serious way. which is very important for some section as the artist forum.
there are many talented people in here and there could be more interesting discussions about their contributions if there was not always some idiot destroying everything by posting nonsense. with this i don't mean a special thread, but rather some general attitude which keeps the posters from being serious when communicating.

perhaps i am completly wrong and this board is just meant as a forum for oneliners or pictures. but for me it seemed to be about communication with people all over the world and getting access to their point of views.
i cannot see a point in visiting a board in which that idea is suffocated by some mtv-leveled kind of humour, which simply does not allow the users to communicate in a free way anymore.

free speech is not just a right but also an obligation. and though there were not rules broken i can completly understand why sysiyo had to edit that post in order to protect his own (and also the other user's posting in that thread) right of free speech.

Are you bad enough?

05/22/05 01:19 PM
Re: What was the crime? new [re: th0mas]  

I ain't readin' all that yo.

Mxy's Bizarre Webcomic. Updated daily.

05/22/05 02:52 PM
Someone start humming the Star Spangled Banner new [re: th0mas]  

Alright. I understand where you are coming from. The joke was stupid and uncalled for, I'll aggree with the former and give you the latter.

But if we are going to pretend that there is free speech here, isn't it just as important for me to be able to shout out "this is pretentious garbage" (albeit in a roundabout way) as it is for someone to post their deep and meaningful photos of sunsets or whatever the fuck it was?

I admit that my picture threads are often sort of a stream-of-consciousness version of "humor" (note quotes) and that it might even border on a situation where only two or three people end up understanding what I'm trying to communicate but isn't that the very definition of art? Not that I would try to elevate poop-flinging to art from status, but if we are going to try to do so then by fuck my most immature fart joke is a Rimbrant to the average piece of "Only Jareth Understands Me" art or poem that haunts that fucking board.

Then if you take the standards already set in the board, how was what I did any different from half of the sarcastic and mildly abusive stuff that is frequently said in there? Tears have been shed over some veteran TW'er shattering the artistic dreams of a newbie in the most hilarious way possible. Is it that I committed some sort of high treason by "criticizing" the great duke Sysiyiyiyiyoyoyooyoyyyyiiiyiyiyiyiyiyiyyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyoooo? All evidence points to it. At which point, how do you feel about having a fellow poster here who is untouchable and above any sort of social obligation? Someone who can delete anything that criticizes him or that he finds to be less than to-task? Even typing these words, I have no idea whether or not they will stay on the boards because some power-hungry fucking yeti with a boat fetish and a bad attitude might think that it would be "cute" to delete them (and it won't be, by the way -- I hope the yeti in question understands that while I might be overreacting I am at least serious about doing so).

I would like to point to the further deletions in this board to add to my argument. I've alluded to what their implications might be already and any reasonably intelligent person can see where I'm going.

But this whole thing could be avoided, or atleast made more intelligent, if I were simply told why the deletion was made. If there is going to be a reason for stripping someone of their ability to communicate -- and stupid as my post was, that's essentially what we're talking about here -- then it should be shared with the person you are stripping it from. He could have posted or PMed a simple "Monkeyboy, you are an asshole and I deleted the picture because of (fill in the blank)." His lack of doing so shows me that he feels the there is no need to bother with such a thing. The further deletions that I have talked about only add to the image of a moderator that feels no need to bother justifying his use of the trigger. I have no use for cowboys, hence my feelings about America's current president.

And yes, I am being a pain in the ass. But consider the source. Have I ever been anything other than a reactionary, question all authority, thorn in the side? I like to think that it is this very sort of thing that makes people either appreciate me or walk away shaking their heads. Was it a small offense? Yeah, absolutely. In a way, I'm glad the stupid joke is gone. But it should have been my decision to cover my mouth, not his. Small offense, yes, but it is a microcosm of my ongoing argument about the new custodian(s) of TW: (t)he(y) seem to feel that we, the average posters, are far enough beneith them that (t)he(y) need not bother treating us as anything resembling peers.

There is no free speech at TW. Let's just have out with it and stop pretending. Anything you say or do can be deleted for any reason and without explaination. Is this not true? In my recent experience it is exactly the case. So why don't we all stop sucking everyone's dick and just say that this website is shaped and ruled by the whims of 6 people -- one of which is all too happy to use the axe.

Much ado about Sysio.

(crash course raver)
05/22/05 11:45 PM
Re: Someone start humming the Star Spangled Banner new [re: Monkeyboy]  

Put yourself in Sysiyo's shoes, though. He spends his time doing his art, as pretentious as it may be or appear to be to some, he still worked hard to create it. Then he wants to share his work with other people, and it he is treated with a half-nude fat woman who may or may not be his mother.

Though you should have the right to post your fat women in an instance like this, you really shouldn't. Yes, it was a small offence, but you do it so often. Yes I do think that Sys acted a bit harshly, but I can still feel his frustration.

It's the same as going to a Star Wars convention and setting up a pure Star Trek booth.

You know damn well why he deleted your post, but his lack of reason just gave you a reason to create this thread and call him a yeti.

Tickle My Bunny, Please

05/23/05 00:21 AM
Re: Someone start humming the Star Spangled Banner new [re: blacktropic84]  

In reply to:

Though you should have the right to post your fat women in an instance like this, you really shouldn't. Yes, it was a small offence, but you do it so often. Yes I do think that Sys acted a bit harshly, but I can still feel his frustration.

So can I, but in a forum where people frequently make fun of anything and everything that is posted, it is pretty standard issue. Besides, with a bunch of people going out of their way to kiss his ass, I would think that a single picture of a fat lady is fairly harmless.

Everything you said is undertandable, but I'd like to point to my earlier post where I say something about being able to delete things that are unfavorable to someone. I'll let you go back and read it.

Much ado about Sysio.

(crash course raver)
05/23/05 02:46 AM
Re: Someone start humming the Star Spangled Banner new [re: Monkeyboy]  

Well, like I said, I think that Sysiyo acted harshly, where he shouldnt't have acted at all.

For the most part, I am on your side for this, Monkey.

Tickle My Bunny, Please

05/23/05 04:08 AM
Re: Someone start humming the Star Spangled Banner [re: blacktropic84]  

All I have to say is at least we don't have jerks like Fulgrum, fixxlevy etc here.

I haven't got a signature at the moment.

05/23/05 11:18 AM
Re: Someone start humming the Star Spangled Banner [re: Pablo-Picasso]  


Much ado about Sysio.

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