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07/24/05 04:10 PM
Re: Today's Modest Proposal new [re: diamondogz74]  

Seriously, someone kill him.

"his anus consumes him." - Rubina05 from Underculture

(stardust savant)
07/24/05 04:54 PM
Re: Today's Modest Proposal new [re: diamondogz74]  

In reply to:

You know Beltene! when I first came here and for about for 11 maybe 12 months I simply didn't understand or get your posts/threads

That's okay, my humor doesn't translate well in English. It's really funny in Bulgarian, I swear. It's even funnier in Patagonian.

Share Zi Love

(grinning soul)
07/24/05 08:32 PM
Re: Today's Modest Proposal new [re: Monkeyboy]  

I must admit I've only placed notes on this discussion when I've had the HILARIOUS opportunity of punning. I love puns. They're fab. Yes.

So, I just wanted to say that ddogz74 doesn't really annoy me as such, I just wish the "I agree" posts (which Monkeyboy has already admonished) could be stopped.

It's like the reply to "I forgive you". WHY REPLY? There's just no reason to. It doesn't make you any 'nicer' - and it doesn't work on a threaded post. Just PM with a thank-you (again, as Monkeyboy has advised)

I think it's great that ddogz74 is fervent enough to reply frequently. I am certainly no dogged (pardon the pun - but I do like them!) TWer but when something takes my fancy, I do like to partake - even though it's usually when the posts have died a death. Ddogz74, however, somehow keeps them going (rightly or wrongly) and for that, praise indeed.

IF - and that's a big if - ddogz74 continues with non-witty (well-intentioned or not) affirmations or opinions which provide little insight then the ban should reign but only for that reason, as he's been told this was why he was banned in the first place.

(stardust savant)
07/25/05 02:52 AM
Re: Today's Modest Proposal new [re: Beltene]  

Yeah, but you're Beltene and somehow, hot or not, you receive a get out of jail free pass from me. Does that make me a hypocrite? Sure, why not... I'm no super-goddess, just another idiot poster who changes her mind more often than her socks.

It is my opinion and I am unanimous in this, because it is my opinion, which is, in fact, mine.

(stardust savant)
07/25/05 02:58 AM
Oooo, libelous and slanderous new [re: schizophrenic]  

The last post I read of yours would fit into pandering to Mssr. MB. And, like you, my remarks were primarily in jest (save the one about people being a tad too serious about a blasted message board).

Would you prefer being cast as the music teacher who rebels in his own way? If not, please consult with my attorney.

It is my opinion and I am unanimous in this, because it is my opinion, which is, in fact, mine.

07/25/05 08:36 AM
Re: Today's Modest Proposal new [re: Monkeyboy]  

In reply to:

Seriously, someone kill him.

London Bye Ta-Ta...

07/25/05 11:03 AM
The Man Behind the Curtain new [re: diamondogz74]  

Ok, look. I want everyone to take a good look at Dogz' last 5 posts on this thread and then tell me with a straight face that he's not a troll. There's just no way that an adult could be that willfully stupid, so mind-bendingly dense, without doing it on purpose.

My theory of the day is that DD74 = Evan Torrie. I think Evan's tired of TW, but fears the clamors of it's populace should he ever pull the plug. By creating and acting out the farce that is DD74, he ensures that, by this time next year, TW will be just another dog run, with the level of conversation maintained at a polite ass-sniff, and no current poster will have the brainpower to comprehend what happened when Evan then pulls the plug.

In the (likely) event that I'm wrong about this, I'd like to extend this advice to our mods: to paraphrase The Simpsons, every mod gets three secret bannings. If you don't use 'em, *pft!* they're gone!

Don't caucus, don't poll, don't explain, don't ask, don't tell, don't hesitate, and don't look back: make him go away, so the healing can begin. Two months from now, who will care?

Tonight your ghost will ask my ghost,
Who put these bodies between us?
Listen to All Caps, Sundays @ 6 PM

(crash course raver)
07/25/05 11:45 AM
Re: Banning Ddgz again new [re: Monkeyboy]  

Great to see on my return that this stupid argument is still going on.

DD74 is my IDOL KEITH is my GOD

(cracked actor)
07/25/05 02:33 PM
Re: Banning Ddgz again new [re: hangontoyourself]  

In reply to:


In reply to:


In reply to:


Never thought I'd see those three words grouped together...


I could stay if you asked me,
So for God's sake don't ask me to stay

(electric tomato)
07/25/05 02:37 PM
Re: Banning Ddgz again [re: Monkeyboy]  

I like Ddogz, he makes me laugh and he makes me feel smart.

Don't we all enjoy the fact that, although he's British, he'll never know the difference between "it's" and "its"? That's what I call a true entertainer.

I'll have a small port, thank you.
Greedy, Madam! For most people one sailor would be enough.

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