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10/12/05 06:56 PM
Re: I’m not impressed! new [re: JamieSim]  

In reply to:

piss of cunt arse

Is this a command or an ingredient?

The preceding is part of a vast conspiracy to destroy this message board.

(wide eyed peoploid)
10/12/05 07:28 PM
Re: I’m not impressed! new [re: JamieSim]  

In reply to:

Just out of interest how do you still have the title “wild eyed peoploid” if you have made over 350 posts?

I don't know. What are the title thresholds again?

(big brother)
10/12/05 07:57 PM
Re: Rename the fora! new [re: Emil]  

Coffe Shop = Open Conversation


(stardust savant)
10/12/05 08:15 PM
Re: Update new [re: schizophrenic]  

This is all pretty awesome indeed!

"I Was An Anorexic" is oddly fitting to the Artiste Forum, too.

"Interpretation" is the only unchanged one, why? I suggest: "Can't Help Thinking About Me."

And while I'm digging through the early stuff: "And I Say to Myself" for the Quotes Database. Or "Everyone Says Hi" if we want to be more modern.

I want a custom title too, dammit.

(electric tomato)
10/12/05 08:30 PM
Re: Update new [re: Starlite]  

Proposed titles:

The News Today: Quotes Database

Views and Questions: Site Feedback

Interpretation: I Was An Artiste

Collector's Corner: Coffee Shop

Coffee Shop: Collector's Shop

And so on and so on.

Mxy's Bizarre Webcomic. Updated daily.

(stealing for that one good rush)
10/13/05 00:01 AM
This is Why I left in the first place new [re: Emil]  

now TW really is just like every other poorly moderated mb on the internet. It's been getting bad for well on two years now, but this is the nail in the coffin. Even if Bowie does something completely amazing and wows everyone and tours again and I get to meet him and have his babies, I don't know as I'd return to this for good, if even at all.

Have fun, kids.

I am no longer an active member of Teenage Wildlife

(cracked actor)
10/13/05 00:11 AM
Re: This is Why I left in the first place [re: dukewhite]  

Awwwww you wanna cookie?

You are a real bastard!!! --- Claude

(stardust savant)
10/13/05 01:09 AM
Oh, noooooooo... new [re: dukewhite]  

In reply to:

Have fun, kids.

Well, what have we here? Another mostly inactive poster stopping by to tell us that, oh yes, they're actually leaving for good this time. Well, I hate to break it to ya, but...

Being inactive means you forfeit all your relevance as a poster. No matter how good you used to be, your opinion no longer matters to anyone because YOU ARE NO LONGER FUCKING RELEVANT AND YOU CHOSE NOT TO BE RELEVANT BY LEAVING THE FIRST FUCKING TIME.

Oh, and mentioning that you've been tracking the decline of this site for two years doesn't make you seem like some wisened old battle veteran. It makes you look like a douchebag.

(stardust savant)
10/13/05 02:42 AM
Re: Rename the fora! new [re: Emil]  

I think it is horrible that Collector's corner has been renamed Come and buy my tripe. I know it's a cute injoke amongst all the "real" fans and contributors who don't frequent the Paedophile's corner (or whatever the next logical step is) to talk about it in less than appreciative terms. But the prickish disdain that you have for us underlings who spend most of our time there (and in so doing, keep this place moderately interesting) is ugly enough when it seeps out in regular conversation. We don't need it to be institutionalized, thanks.

I think it's great that we have a forum where we frequently give eachother shit and whatnot, but naming a forum "Come and buy my tripe" is inviting the very low standard that some people claim they wish didn't exist. But I guess some people need the bottom rung to be as low as possible so that they can feel that they are somehow better than others.

But I'll give whoever did it the benefit of the doubt and assume that they changed the name (and it's only the word "tripe" that bothers me) in good humour. That's all well and good but it doesn't mean that I won't be personally offended if it stays much longer.

(stardust savant)
10/13/05 03:06 AM
Ask me Why and I'll spit in your eye new [re: dukewhite]  

Really, Mark, changing the names of the forum shouldn't be cause for such a big deal. I'm rolling with it, and I'm as reactionary and cantankerous as the next man.

All virgins are liars, honey

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