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(electric tomato)
06/15/06 09:15 AM
Stealing my Magazine, eh? new [re: RabbitFighter]  

Hey, that's my signature!

You've nicked it! Relinquish it right now!

You may want to smear your faces all over Aldous Huxley but I want to smear faeces all over you!

I will drug you and fuck you, on the perma-frost.

06/15/06 11:37 AM
Different Magazine then new [re: ladymacbeth]  

Jesus, you're right. Surprisingly enough that was unintentional.
Still, I must ask: has Diamond_Dave given you tips on cyber sex? That sounds like an invitation to me...

edit: Fuck, I actually managed to make a typo when describing the act of smearing my own shit on someone. I'm getting rusty.

stop smiling at me
treat me unpleasantly

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(electric tomato)
06/16/06 05:41 AM
Re: Stealing my Magazine, eh? new [re: ladymacbeth]  

Hell no, I've been lucky enough never to have received any correspondance from that creep, thank fuck!

I wouldn't mind Howard Devoto drugging and fucking me on the permafrost, even though I don't know what permafrost is (I imagine it to be like astroturf), and as long as I get to choose the drugs and the positions.

What a coincidence we picked the same signature though . It's ridiculous but pleasing at the same time. Our minds must have been on the same wavelength (and obviously listening to the same music) at the same time! Put it there, partner

I will drug you and fuck you, on the perma-frost.

06/16/06 07:53 PM
Re: Stealing my Magazine, eh? new [re: ladymacbeth]  

i was curious about the word permafrost. here is what i found:

looks cold.

Permafrost Deposits of Northern Siberia

In geology, permafrost or permafrost soil is soil that stays in a frozen state for more than two years in a row. Most permafrost is located in high latitudes, but alpine permafrost exists at high altitudes.

So, it looks like the drugging and fucking will happen in high latitudes on frozen soil! Looks like you have to drug and fuck just to stay warm.

Obscurity is the Artist's Refuge

(stardust savant)
06/17/06 05:54 AM
Re: This is new love new [re: RabbitFighter]  

The details are, the book was sitting on the back of the toilet, and I was too drunk to aim carefully. The same thing actually happened with The Catcher in the Rye, once, for the same reasons. In both cases the book belonged to someone else. I didn't mention it to either of 'em; I hate people who read.

Vote for me: TW's Top Fag!

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