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05/11/06 02:25 PM
Re: Happy belated birthday, son! new [re: NomDePlume]  

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isn't it funny how everybody seems to leave you in the end, ohramona?

Um ... like who?

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Skeezix will too, I imagine,

If I've done my job right. And now that he is 15 I am giddily celebrating having reached the halfway point to launch.

let's not be too rough on our own ignorance. i mean, after all, it's the thing that makes AMERICA great!

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05/11/06 05:27 PM
Re: Gloating just like you'd expect a small man to new [re: Shelle]  

Looky, looky, Shelle! I can walk under the table without hitting my head.

I already fell on my head a few times while trying to reach for the top of my fridge and the doctors say that there aren't too many brain cells left

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05/11/06 05:31 PM
Re: Gloating just like you'd expect a small man to [re: Adim]  

You may be short and fat and stupid but you're sexy to me, Adim.

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05/11/06 05:40 PM
Re: Gloating just like you'd expect a small man to [re: EJSundae]  

Oh master EJ...you're so benevolent.

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05/11/06 05:42 PM
Re: Gloating just like you'd expect a small man to [re: Adim]  

Oh my little Schnitzel, du bist so lecker that I must eat you soon.

(absolute beginner )
05/11/06 05:45 PM
Re: Gloating just like you'd expect a small man to [re: EJSundae]  

I can't wait to be cut in sausages and stuffed in your fridge!

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05/11/06 05:47 PM
Re: Gloating just like you'd expect a small man to [re: Adim]  

Ah, mein kleines Leberwuerstchen, I love it when you talk dirty to me.

05/11/06 08:53 PM
People don't like getting to know me. [re: Beltene]  

As it happens, I was banned from my Dallas Mavericks messageboard this past weekend; it occurs that perhaps my story, besides bringing glee to the Smarter than p2c Club, will give its founding members some perspective. I will try to be brief.

In the last year or so I've enjoyed posting at the Mavs board more than I have posting here, mainly because I am enraged by the Bush Regime and there are people over on that board - Bush supporters - that make good figurative punching bags.

Unfortunately, one of the punching bags was the administrator, "techsan".

Techsan didn't like me much, and I thought his faux Will Rogers routine was underwhelming. A few months ago, he got to arguing with me about religion (can't remember why, except I'm ag'in it and he's for it). At one point, after he became somewhat bellicose, I said to tech, "Don't you consider that your son reads this board when you carry on so?" (it's sort of a Ohro/Scervix situation, though tech's son is 20 and a friendly progressive like yours truly).

For those who wanted a brief post, you may stop reading right here.

Well, tech was enraged that I brought his son into the pie throwing (which, truth be told, I knew he would be - I've got a knack for knowing what'll piss 'em off) and he deleted the entire thread in a fit of peevishness.

So, I called him on it, and he felt like a fool and apologized to everyone but me for deleting what had developed into a popular thread.

Then, about two weeks ago I had a go-round with him on the topic of illegal immigration. I won't get into details, but he told me I should listen to others when I don't know what I'm talking about, and I said, oh, okay, since more illegals live in New York City than in all of Texas, I'll just have to cede expert status to you, you imbecile.

This weekend, techsan started another religion thread. Seems he is in the market for a new church, one that isn't too heavy-handed doctrinally, where he can settle into pew and force other people to listen to his Keillorisms.

I wasn't going to post to that thread, since I couldn't give a sloppy shit where he ends up going to church, but I did read the thread on Saturday morning and noted that, out of the blue, he declared that he would delete any post that insulted anyone for their religious beliefs. So I posted, "I think you are an idiot, but I think that apart from your idiotic Christian beliefs," and I entitled my post "I dare you."

Tech deleted the post and inserted a comment in its place that he took up my dare. I then edited that out of my post and wrote that he was an idiot on a Christcrutch who only went to church because people there had to be sociable to him, and that the Kiwanis probably rejected his application.

Then I said I was going to dog his future posts, invoking thomaswood's famous signature that I would be in his face like a can of mace.

Then tech posted that he was getting tired of me and wanted to know from the other posters if he should ban me. He said he had a thick skin but he shouldn't have to let someone continually (and figuratively) urinate on him.

So I posted right back that, in reality, I was relatively mild-mannered, as posters go, and that Christ probably would let me urinate on him, so he should strive to be more like Christ.

Then I went for a walk into lovely downtown Marblehead, had a grande mocha at a famous coffee franchiser's outlet there and finished Rushdie's Midnight's Children (grand novel, btw - Stp2cC members should speed read it and write a sequel).

When I came home five hours later, I was banned. Even my ip address was banned, preventing me from viewing the boards until I downloaded ProxyWay to hide my addy.


The moral of my story is, I posted at my Mavs board the way I learned to post here, and it didn't pass muster with that thin-skinned, autocratic administrator.

We should be thankful for our lenient and generous mods at TW. I reflect upon the abuse I heaped upon K just because he wears his hair in pigtails. And yet he remains as placid as a fjord. I think I shall continue to abuse him.

I also remember the horrible things I said to EJ many months ago over some dogz-related brouhaha, and do you know how he responded? He PM'd me with an offer to split the Sudetenland with me "the next time." We are fast friends now.

And Adam? Well, he is simply a capital fellow. I've never been at odds with him, but if he wants to feel good about himself by mocking and humiliating me, I won't object. It'll probably turn me on.

Out of necessity, I'm back for while. Go Mavs!

Kid, you've paid your dues...dues and dues. ~J. Tweedy

(absolute beginner )
05/11/06 09:30 PM
Re: People don't like getting to know me. [re: power2charm]  

p2c, I have a confession to make.

I treated you very badly in the past, I mocked you and humiliated you in front of everybody because I was desperate for your affection and I didn't know how to display it properly.

I know I'm not as handsome as EJ or as tall as Adam and my cock is much smaller than Sysiyo's but I have a tight ass hole to offer and much more...

(absolute beginner )
05/11/06 09:33 PM
Re: Happy belated birthday, son! [re: ohramona]  

I'm sorry, ohramona, my wife forgot to give me my meds last night so I had a little panic attack. Sorry you had to see me like this.

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