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05/16/06 05:15 PM
Re: You earn respect, but not with a badge [re: Shelle]  

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Another example: listing insults you claim were thrown at you by someone else, when you know full well (or should, based on the IP address which only you can see) that some of those insults came from a different poster.

Yes, I'd like to take credit for about 90% of these insults.

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I've been told I'm short

That was me.

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In reply to:


Me again.

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I'd like to personally apologize for this one, it was a bit too cruel on my part.

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cannot hold down a girlfriend

This one is not mine but it's a good one.

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susceptible to tantrums

This one's mine but in Adam's defence, we're all susceptible to tantrums sometimes.

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have made rejected advances on you and Beltene


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that I have a dull signature and dull website.

Not mine but juicy.

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Oh and I want to fuck EJSundae and made into sausages.

Mmm mine.

My ass belongs on your face.

(thunder ocean)
05/16/06 05:33 PM
Re: Nice gavel new [re: guiltpuppy]  

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Why have the moderators banned all Jews and blacks from posting here?

Wait, I banned myself?

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I disagree. That, and banning a poster on personal abuse, would be major abuses of power.

Is it just me or were you Dogz-reading here?

"I thought it was Bowie but then I realised he hasn't done anything that good in the past years."
- SugarPlumFairy on John Foxx & Louis Gordon's Crash And Burn

(cracked actor)
05/17/06 05:19 AM
Re: Nice gavel new [re: K]  

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Wait, I banned myself?

My mistake, please post picture's of Adam's penis.

05/17/06 08:07 AM
Adam was respected long before he got the badge new [re: Shelle]  

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I'd respect Adam more if he came out here in the open and swapped barbs with me, rather than sulking off when it becomes clear I won't just surrender, and then send his personal friends who have "spent time" with him here to do his fighting for him, or hiding behind obvious alters (hello Charlie).

Maybe swapping barbs just isn't his idea of fun here at TW.

Adam's contribution to TW as a poster has been immense, leaving aside that he's just about the best administrator we could ever wish for. His knowledge of Bowie and music in general is huge, he's generous about sharing it, he's posted more great interpretations of Bowie songs than any other poster. He's also got a deep knowledge of and interesting opinions on a wide range of other subjects, like architecture, politics, general affairs, world affairs, and most importantly of all for me, cricket. He's human, and therefore prone to the occasional (very occasional, in his case) imperfection as we all are, but we shouldn't lose sight of the big picture here.

Remember, when posters say "TW is about X", they're really only talking for themselves, or at best, themselves and a few friends or like-minded souls. There are inevitably other posters who are not all that interested in X, but come here for Y and Z.

If Adam is like me, the idea of coming here daily to keep alive an on-going feud is not all that attractive. I sometimes find fun in having a mock fight with Strawman, safe in the knowledge that he's taking it no more seriously than I am, and he knows what the limits are (and even if he occasionally oversteps, he's big enough to back down or apologise). But Strawman excepted, I've never derived much pleasure from arguing with other posters, and the fun dies instantly the moment I feel they might be taking it more seriously than I am.

My point here is not that fights are wrong, or that they aren't or shouldn't be a vital part of the overall TW experience. Reading other people's online spats is a great guilty pleasure of mine, and nobody's are more entertaining than yours (I particularly enjoy the ass whuppings you routinely mete out to power2charm without breaking sweat). My point is that failure to get drawn into them should not be interpreted as a sign of weakness or frailty.

My other point is that if others come forward, in your view, to "defend" Adam, it is not necessarily at Adam's request. I'm posting this off my own bat without any prompting from him or any of his other many friends here. Anyone who knows Adam even a little bit knows he is a rare gentleman, and people often feel obliged to stick up for a gentleman.

Adam and you may not have clicked. You're very different posters, and people, but you both contribute a huge amount to the overall TW experience. There's really no reason why you both shouldn't be able to coexist here.

Slan libh,


Fiona: I want to be a nutcracker when I grow up.
Burkey: There's no such job.
Fiona: Oh, okay, pedant, a castrater then.
Burkey: Ouch.

(crash course raver)
05/17/06 09:01 AM
Re: Adam was respected long before he got the badge [re: Dara]  

I'm still trying to figure out wtf this is about. Adam apparently said "Yeah whatever Shelle. Looky, looky, I'm a hard nosed businesswoman." and she was really offended by it.. [he's such a BADBOY.. get out your silverware..] and apparently Beltene was not aloud to show her snatch so was also deeply hurt as well. While she is quite a stunning woman.. I have to say that I have absolutely no interest in seeing her snatch on TW.. worst than that I have NO interest in seeing any TW member's member online [and probably offline]. Does that make me a prude or just too fussy?

(cracked actor)
05/17/06 09:09 AM
Re: Adam was respected long before he got the badge [re: riley]  

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Does that make me a prude or just too fussy?

Nah, mate...just means you belong here


I could stay if you asked me,
So for God's sake don't ask me to stay

(crash course raver)
05/17/06 09:31 AM
Re: Adam was respected long before he got the badge [re: Arlequino]  

(electric tomato)
05/17/06 01:13 PM
Re: Adam was respected long before he got the badge [re: riley]  

In reply to:

I'm still trying to figure out wtf this is about

Now you know how the rest of us felt when this thread was in progress!

The desire of the man is for the woman. But the desire of the woman is for the desire of the man.

(crash course raver)
05/17/06 02:05 PM
Re: Adam was respected long before he got the badge [re: NomDePlume]  

..so many caps!

Alright.. don't want to see cunt or cumshots but I am still all for Claude posting his toy boy of the week. Some concessions have to be made.

(cracked actor)
05/17/06 03:19 PM
I hate it when you're reasonable! [re: Dara]  

I wish there was something there I could argue against, or you'd left yourself open to an obvious insult, but you leave me nothing.

I bet you're wearing a really sucky sweater right at this very moment.

Me like bison flesh
Roast on fire for make eat safe
Keep bone for make tool
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