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(crash course raver)
06/30/06 06:11 PM
Access Denied?  

Why are there threads shown in Hot Topics that I can't access?

Did I miss something? Is there some sort of secret forum or is Adam just experimenting again?

I had no problems getting into the silent forum.


OKAY FAGGOT, WHAT'S NEXT!?! ~ Julius Caesar

(legendary cowboy)
06/30/06 07:50 PM
Re: Access Denied? new [re: Bamboo7]  

Which one's can you not access?

Censorship in America.

(stardust savant)
06/30/06 07:59 PM
Just a guess new [re: Bamboo7]  

Arelquino probably used his limited mod capacity to lock you out. He can do that, y'know.

I just want to hold your pretty hand; the rest of you can be dissolved in acid

(crash course raver)
07/01/06 02:43 AM
Re: Access Denied? new [re: Tristan]  

Well, I saw "Where's Marquis?" and something about titles. I can't really remember now. It's very late.


OKAY FAGGOT, WHAT'S NEXT!?! ~ Julius Caesar

(grinning soul)
07/01/06 09:50 AM
Re: Access Denied? new [re: Bamboo7]  

I think sometimes? the mods create one of their secret little threads just to tantelize us because they know we can't access them.

As for the "Where's Marquis?" thread, my guess is that this thread was created because one of them was wondering (sp?) were he is nowadays. (Duz anybody know? )

The "Titles" thread I know has been discussed before, it was created so that the mods could discuss the Titles for posters who have earned customized titles. Who knowz, perhaps they were debating over one for myself?

London Bye Ta-Ta

07/01/06 10:04 AM
Re: Access Denied? new [re: dimmindogz74]  

Secret secrets never seen
Secret secrets ever green

London Bye Ta-Ta...

(cracked actor)
07/01/06 04:15 PM
All Hail Your New Dictator new [re: Wraith2]  

Spot on, Wraith, my friend.

Don't worry though, Bamboo...I'm just fuckin' wit'ya.


I could stay if you asked me,
So for God's sake don't ask me to stay

07/02/06 08:02 AM
Re: Access Denied? new [re: Bamboo7]  

In reply to:

Is there some sort of secret forum

Yes, for the moderators. But why do the mods feel the need to secretly discuss where Marquis is?


(byroad singer)
07/02/06 09:03 AM
Re: Access Denied? new [re: Emil]  

That's a secret.

And I want to believe that a light's shining through somehow

07/02/06 09:16 AM
ha [re: EJ]  

EJ, I know more than you think about what's been going on in your basement. But what I also know, and you don't, is who helped Marquis escape. Someone will contact you soon - and if you don't want the Polizei to be involved in this filthy story, you and the other mods better be prepared to part with most of your Bowie memorabilia collections.


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