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08/22/06 10:48 AM
Chinese whispers new [re: PHOENIX]  

You mean you don't know?

Here, take your pick

1. (Mathematics) (of a function or quantity) varying in such a way that it either never decreases or never increases.
2. speaking or uttered in a monotone.

London Bye Ta-Ta...

ani the gun
08/22/06 10:50 AM
Re: I have trouble even trying to say it out loud new [re: PHOENIX]  

he meant mononeucleosically.

I wanna be your only possession

(funny little bunny)
08/22/06 11:31 AM
Damn this piece of crap new [re: diamondogz74]  

In reply to:

You mean you don't know?

Surprising aint it? This whole Momonomoicaistic episode means :

1. My dictionary is a heap of shit

2. I'm gonna use this word constantly in the next few weeks to annoy the hell out of friends and family

WARNING : Post may contain sarcasm and jovial silly business. May be harmful to moronic TWers.

looking glass
08/22/06 11:58 AM
in your memory new [re: Remade/Remodeled]  

right... not only was aleczandah (or however he spelled his username) banned for some really off kilter remarks (which i highly doubt he meant seriously), it was moreso the constant flood of obvious alter-egos that did him in for good. it was tough to keep track of all of them, and so many posters were banned even for suspicion, i believe.

we (and by "we" i mean "i") like to call that the cold war of TW. was that really six years ago?

hands up, WHO WANTS TO DIE!

(thunder ocean)
08/22/06 02:14 PM
Re: Ask Emil new [re: Auntie Prism]  

In reply to:

Okay, Emil (or Wabbit, if you're reading) why exactly was thomaswood banned?

He ain't on the list of banned users, so if he was banned at some point (I don't remember if he was), he ain't anymore.

"Are we making any progress?"
"None whatever," said Hercule Poirot. "That is interesting."

ani the gun
08/22/06 02:37 PM
the myth new [re: K]  

you're absolutely right. he's not banned anymore. read his profile. even banning himself couldn't win him the girl's cold cold heart, so he came back and tried again with Mousey.

I wanna be your only possession

Auntie Prism
(cracked actor)
08/22/06 03:43 PM
I must reject your friendly can do attitude. new [re: K]  

In reply to:

K: he ain't anymore

Eye know. I didn't mean to imply that he was *still* banned.

In reply to:

ani the gun: he came back and tried again with Mousey.

Say it ain't so!

I feel obliged to write more, given it's my 1400th post, and I like to use multiples of 100 as checkpoints to see whether I can still string a sentence together, but I figured I'd rather tie-up these few boring ends than describe the time I rogered Peter the Gorilla.

[neon]I'm not trolling; I'm moderating. [/neon]

08/22/06 08:01 PM
Re: What does it take to get banned new [re: PHOENIX]  

Good questions. What are the limits of banishment and what are the rules of inclusiveness?

Anyone know?


(byroad singer)
08/23/06 02:10 PM
Re: What does it take to get banned new [re: Atonalexpress]  


And I want to believe that a light's shining through somehow

08/23/06 03:23 PM
monomomoanimormonomiacalicious new [re: PHOENIX]  

Sorry, misspelled it.

Main Entry: mono·ma·nia 
Pronunciation: "mä-n&-'mA-nE-&, -ny&
Function: noun
Etymology: New Latin
1 : mental illness especially when limited in expression to one
idea or area of thought
2 : excessive concentration on a single object or idea
- mono·ma·ni·ac /-nE-"ak/ noun or adjective
- mono·ma·ni·a·cal /-m&-'nI-&-k&l/ adjective
- mono·ma·ni·a·cal·ly /-k(&-)lE/ adverb

I could have said "obsessively".

It's LABRYNTH, idiot!

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