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01/03/07 02:30 PM
Asexual Salem new  

A user named Bond_Street has just registered to our fair boards.
Can we ban "her", just to be on the safe side...

Culture, alienation, boredom and despair

(crash course raver)
01/03/07 10:07 PM
Re: Asexual Salem new [re: RabbitFighter]  

I think we should simply add an IQ test to the registration form, and automatically ban anyone who gets an unusually low score.

One day, Effee died.

(crash course raver)
01/03/07 10:42 PM
Re: Asexual Salem new [re: Mxy]  

Or unusually high.

Just to keep us safe.

Heaven is a place where
Nothing ever happens

01/07/07 09:59 AM
Re: Asexual Salem new [re: Mxy]  

A punctuation test might be more fitting.

‘‘And I say, ‘What’s the matter with my psychopathic sex?’ ’’

(phunnix little bunnix)
01/07/07 10:06 PM
Re: Asexual Salem [re: Mxy]  

Just dangle a really shitty Bowie re-release rip-off in front of the newbie. If they grab at it then ban them.

Am I suspended in gaffa?
WHERE IS MY BOOKMARK? Please help me...

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