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(phunnix little bunnix)
01/22/07 02:18 AM
The Classic Comments Archive  

As I was perusing the Views and Questions forum today I came across this :

Thread Title : That thing on Bowie's neck
to dizzy : I'm just wondering, is it still there? Or did he have it removed?
Nature Boy : what, his head?

It gave me a bit of a laugh, as have other little comments so far in 2007. Sometimes actually there have been big laughs. But unfortunately these threads die and slip away. People who have been away, those who would really have appreciated a certain Monkeyboy slap or a Claude slip-up never get to read one of their favourite's great moments.

Shouldn't we have at the very least a thread to file the best of TW in?

I propose my very fine thread here! I'll keep posting my favourite quotes at least until nobody is even bothering to look or contribute anymore. Remember, when something strikes you think "The Classic Comments Thread!"

Am I suspended in gaffa?
WHERE IS MY BOOKMARK? Please help me...

(band intro)
01/22/07 05:24 AM
Re: The Classic Comments Archive new [re: PHOENIX]  

I like this idea. As much as I hate(d) having my material replied to with people saying lame shit like "that's funny" or whatever, I do miss knowing what the reaction is to my brilliance. Of course, I don't mean this in an arrogant way or anything but...well, you know how fucking wonderful I am.

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(crash course raver)
01/22/07 12:22 PM
Re: The Classic Comments Archive new [re: PHOENIX]  

Remember that time Monkeyboy said "well, you know how fucking wonderful I am"? That cracked me up.

One day, Effee died.

(cracked actor)
01/23/07 10:26 AM
Re: The Classic Comments Archive new [re: PHOENIX]  

This one was from the Organ Donor thread and another reply to to_dizzy:

In reply to:

to_dizzy: I saw a movie once where this guy got a killer's hand and he couldn't stop the hand from killing. I hope no one gets my hand.

In reply to:

Persilot: Why? Will they be hopelessly jerking off whilst watching Saddam getting hung?

Froggy Starlust
01/23/07 11:11 AM
Re: The Classic Comments Archive new [re: ghostlove]  

That was a good one, though it sounds like a reply to the late dogz.

"This is very good, but please don't do it again." - Grandma on my roasted camembert recipe

(crash course raver)
01/24/07 03:32 PM
Re: The Classic Comments Archive new [re: Froggy Starlust]  

But don't you guys see that the humor was in my set up? Sometimes, in comedy, the straight man is the funniest one of all.

(phunnix little bunnix)
01/30/07 07:03 AM
Re: The Classic Comments Archive new [re: PHOENIX]  

Thread Title : The Big Custom Title Fiasco Debate

Wraith2 : First off, I think we all just need to acknowledge that the reason I got a custom title out of turn is that I'm awesome. More awesome, perhaps, than any other person at any other point in history.

Pepe know where you live. Pepe got make you scream.

(stardust savant)
01/30/07 05:53 PM
Re: The Classic Comments Archive new [re: to_dizzy]  

What you want me to touch:

In reply to:

straight man

What I'm going to touch:

In reply to:

not your penis, because..

You're a fag.

"And don't call us Maltesers." - Marquis

(phunnix little bunnix)
01/31/07 02:06 PM
Even better than poop new [re: PHOENIX]  

Thread Title : "One of the good ones"

Monkeyboy : A black person I know recently told me that I was "one of the good ones" (meaning one of the good white people - or folk). This left me rather confused and full of questions.

I realize that there are no black people here but I was wondering how many of you have been identified as "one of the good ones." What's the next step? Is there a meeting that I should be going to in order to brush up on my "good whitey" skills? Also, is there a way that I can identify myself as one of the good ones to any new black people I meet so that they won't mug me? I don't want to come off as presumptuous or anything, but I feel that I should tell them that a real black person has accepted me.

I wanted to ask this guy what he was talking about but I didn't want him to think that maybe I'm not really one of the good ones. I also thought it would be cute to ask him if he was on crack but somehow I thought that might be unwelcome, given the situation.

Pepe know where you live. Pepe got make you scream.

(band intro)
02/10/07 03:05 PM
Re: The Classic Comments Archive new [re: PHOENIX]  

From Kirk:

Coincidentally, I found a picture from some of Stu's recent heavy partying:

Good times, eh Stu?

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