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01/30/07 01:57 PM
Let's leave the mods alone! new [re: Persilot]  

As I've mentioned on every thread since Wraith started whining about needing a title, I want to be learning to be a part of society. Heaps. However, I figure I can wait my patience.

It's just a few letters under your name. Nothing.

The mods always get bitched at for having no rules but when they try to set them then people rip into them for that.

I mean, I've never been the type to side with The Man but the mods here do a pretty damn good job of keeping the same anarchic vibe that's always been here but also doing the important stuff like banning dogz. Couldn't we sometimes treat this like it was what I understand other message boards are like and accept the decision of admin as final?

That said, I must concur with Stuie's suggestion for Percy's title.

Now, onto the real issue: do you think if I went out with my cock smeared in honey I would be more or less likely to get a blowjob? @

I think I was trying to suggest something about the duality of man, sir

(thunder ocean)
01/30/07 02:08 PM
Re: Title-ist new [re: White Prism]  

In reply to:

Princess Mononoke-boy

Best. Nickname. Evah.

In reply to:

PENIX ingratiates himself among the mods so often that his title changes practically every week. K's part in this is not to be underestimated.

For the record, I've never touched PENIX's title. I believe Emil is responsible for both giving PENIX his title and the subsequent changes.

Q: What's the difference between Michael Jackson and a plastic bag?
A: One is made of plastic and is dangerous to kids, while the other is used to carry your groceries home.

looking glass
01/30/07 02:28 PM
switzerland new [re: Persilot]  

every little mark of deliberation counts as one more post towards 5000...perhaps the point is clear but the arguing is only part of the master scheme to up the quantity, it's clearly the largest discussion topic of the past few days, and has two threads to boot!

maybe i'll earn one of these custom titles as time goes on. i figure it'll probably take another seven years to fill in the remaining 1,000 and change. then again, just like the rule bending and the subsequent debate (and in part influenced by meager splish-splashing about this place), i don't particularly feel strongly about it. i suppose the rest of you should just earn your salt, though.

hands up, WHO WANTS TO DIE!

(band intro)
01/30/07 03:36 PM
Re: Some cutting discourse new [re: Persilot]  

You should sue.

Please visit my Message Board so I can ban you.

01/30/07 04:20 PM
Re: Some cutting discourse new [re: Monkeyboy]  

Don't call me Sue...

You sit there in your comfort, you don't believe I'm real. But you cannot buy protection from the way that I feel!

(stardust savant)
01/30/07 04:20 PM
Jinx... kind of new [re: Monkeyboy]  

He should what?

And, don't call him Sue.

edit: Damn you!

"And don't call us Maltesers." - Marquis

Edited by JarethsGirl on 01/30/07 04:21 PM (server time).

(chameleon, comedian, corinthian and caricature)
01/30/07 04:25 PM
Re: Jinx... kind of new [re: JarethsGirl]  

Oh right, this is much more like the imagination required to maintain a quality read at TW.

Fat cunt.

Froggy Starlust
01/30/07 04:43 PM
Re: Jinx... kind of new [re: JarethsGirl]  

What a comedy duo we have here!

"This future racing toward us paralyzes the wallet and the brain"

(band intro)
01/30/07 04:46 PM
Re: Jinx... kind of new [re: Strawman]  

In reply to:

Fat cunt.

Hey! I'm down to a relatively svelt 203. On good days. Naked. When I just wake up.


Please visit my Message Board so I can ban you.

(chameleon, comedian, corinthian and caricature)
01/30/07 04:49 PM
Re: Jinx... kind of new [re: Monkeyboy]  

That's more like it - and the reason why the boys got their Titles before reaching the 5000 post mark no doubt.

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