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02/04/07 12:50 PM
To: Monkeyboy Re: Dirty Smut forum  

Hey Monkeyboy,

I understand that the admin of this site have very graciously allowed you to use this forum as the Site Feedback for your message board. As a member of Bowie Clone website for the last 24 hours or so, I would first like to mention that I am so far very happy with the quality of the advice I have recieved in the thread I started.

However, I'd like to complain about the quality of your Dirty Smut forum.

While the older, asian-ish woman with the semen dripping out of her mouth is a step in the right direction, the pornography (or lack thereof) in the forum is a disappointment.

When can we expect to see more faecophillic or auto-erotic asphyxiation images on display?

Yours sincerely,

Adrian D. Kirby

I think I was trying to suggest something about the duality of man, sir

(band intro)
02/04/07 05:08 PM
To: Monkeyboy Re: Dirty Smut forum new [re: Remade/Remodeled]  

The Dirty Smut forum is a work in progress. Unfortunately, the owner of the message board has nor the time neither the inclinatude to continue its day-to-day management. This makes editing the content problematic, at best. To make matters worse, he has a rare and incurable disease that makes it hard for those of us who still give a shit to pressure him to do anything. First, we're just happy that he's still paying the bills for us. And second, how do you pressure a guy with a disease to do...well, anything and not feel like a total dick for doing so?

It should also be mentioned that the fact that Bowie hasn't been all that active lately doesn't especially help things.

We at Bowie Clone recognize this problem and plan to do things about it in the future. In the mean time, feel free to contribute to our Faggy Poem forum. And keep an eye out for a very special section titled "Threads From Other Forums."

Please visit my Message Board so I can ban you.

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