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(grinning soul)
02/05/07 12:51 PM
Re: I say ban him as a precaution new [re: JarethsGirl]  

In reply to:

and that was not the intention of this noble cause!


"...but not being able to because there are
other things that just have to be done."

(stardust savant)
02/05/07 01:00 PM
I'm not wasting my precious key strokes new [re: Dogz]  

"And don't call us Maltesers." - Marquis

(grinning soul)
02/05/07 02:08 PM
Kate. new [re: JarethsGirl]  


"...but not being able to because there are
other things that just have to be done."

(stardust savant)
02/05/07 03:31 PM
You? new [re: Dogz]  

How do you manage to be all three?

"And don't call us Maltesers." - Marquis

(grinning soul)
02/05/07 03:46 PM
Mirrors dear Kate new [re: JarethsGirl]  

You tell me?

"...but not being able to because there are
other things that just have to be done."

(stardust savant)
02/05/07 04:41 PM
Please stop using my name it's the worst ever new [re: Dogz]  

Woa! Chesty Morgan has really gone downhill...

"And don't call us Maltesers." - Marquis

02/05/07 07:21 PM
Re: Promoting ethnic diversity new [re: Persilot]  

Come on guys... we're meant to be working together to make the world a better place. Can't we just for once put aside our differences and work together for the good of mankind? Actually beating Dogz with a stick may well be for the benefit of mankind, but once we've done that no more violence.

Anyway I think the next step on the path to equality is to get a celebrity on board. I mean it would be ideal if we could get David Bowie, but he is a busy man. Trevor Bolder must be hard up for cash... maybe we could convince him?

You sit there in your comfort, you don't believe I'm real. But you cannot buy protection from the way that I feel!

(stardust savant)
02/06/07 09:19 AM
Flame on! new [re: Persilot]  

An indignant "pshaw!" to you, Sir Silot. I was trying to promote Fag tolerance with my art!

And, I must say, the fact that it hasn't been removed yet speaks volumes about our fine moderators here at TW...

They must be really, really tolerant. Jeepers creepers! Look how long it took them to ban that dash cunning turd burglar in the first place...

"And don't call us Maltesers." - Marquis

(legendary cowboy)
02/06/07 09:40 AM
This could turn out to be fun, know what I mean? new [re: JarethsGirl]  

Let's play a game.

I say giving _____ moderator duties is like giving a 7 year old a loaded gun.

You fill in the blank.

(grinning soul)
02/06/07 09:54 AM
Re: This could turn out to be fun, know what I mean? [re: Tristan]  

How many letters?

Meanwhile Kate...

Snickers withdraw 'anti-gay' advert
Stewart Who?, GAY.COM
Tuesday 6 February, 2007 14:12 | More from this date | Today's headlines

Here at GAY.com, we love a heated debate and the latest incident to trigger a raft of opinions is the ‘homophobic’ Snickers ad screened during the US Superbowl last Sunday.

The ad features two comically stupid, archetypal straight men in a workshop. As one eats a Snickers bar, the other starts eating the other end, as in the ‘spaghetti scene’ in Disney’s ‘Lady and the Tramp’.

They inadvertently wind up kissing, albeit very briefly. Horrified at this seemingly horrific turn of events, the two idiots attempt to erase the incident by ‘doing something manly’. They chose to rip hair from their chests to re-establish their masculinity.

You can watch the advert, and judge for yourself by clicking here

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the USA’s largest gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender civil rights organisation, were outraged enough to call on the makers of Snickers, and its parent company Mars Inc, to pull the ad campaign.

“The makers of Snickers and its parent company at Mars should know better,” Joe Solmonese, president of HRC said.

“If they have any questions about why the ad isn’t funny, we can help put them in touch with any number of GLBT Americans who have suffered hate crimes.”

Three alternate endings to the commercial spot were posted on the Snickers website, one of which included one of the guys attacking the other with a wrench, while the other slams his head under the hood of the car they’re fixing. Obviously, the combination of violence as a response to perceived queerness proved extremely controversial. To watch that video click here

Two other video clips posted on the Snickers website feature players from the Bears and the Colts watching the ads and responding negatively to the two men kissing.

“This type of jeering from professional sports figures at the sight of two men kissing fuels the kind of anti-gay bullying that haunts countless gay and lesbian school children on playgrounds all across the country,” Mr. Solmonese said.

“Eighty-four percent of GLBT students report being verbally harassed at school, and this type of ad only reinforces that.

“Is Snickers suggesting that people who eat their candy bars are cavemen?

“It’s an odd market to court, particularly after the Isaiah Washington flap a couple weeks ago, which clearly showed that there’s a strong distaste out there for people who portray themselves as anti-gay or holding on to old prejudices and stereotypes.

“Mars and Snickers need to pull the ‘Wrench’ ad and the footage of the NFL players out of their campaign immediately,” he insisted.

Since the uproar, Snickers have pulled their special website with ‘extras’ which now redirects to their main website. They do not plan to show the advert again.

Showing the NFL players reacting with disgust at two men kissing could be seen as promoting homophobia, especially as many children treat such stars as role models, though one does feel inclined to point out that neither of the men in the advert is particularly attractive. Perhaps they should have shown two hunky sport stars in a kiss.

A recent survey of 2,000 UK men found that the dishy David Beckham is more appealing to blokes than his wife. Four per cent of respondents to the survey carried out by Durex and Company magazine said if they had to sleep with a man, they'd pick LA Galaxy's latest signing.

Less than 1 per cent said Victoria Beckham was the celebrity they'd most like to sleep with. While it’s good that Snickers pulled the advert, it is worrying that this is the best that an ad agency could come up with, and that Snickers had no qualms about showing it to millions and asking them to vote for their favourite ending.

While the advert got many message boards and chat rooms humming, one particular posting by ‘David’ proved pretty persuasive:

“The truth is most gay men are too self-centered to take the time or energy to care about the impact. All the ego-centric comments like "I found it funny" prove how little community we really have.

“Gays & lesbians are hurt by homophobic violence every day just for being themselves. Many people die every year.

“People need to know or be taught where the joke is and where the hate is. Two straight men accidentally kissing. Very funny. Pullingout your own chest hair, funny

“Drinking motor oil, which would probably kill you, send the message it's better to be dead than gay. Not funny to a suicidal gay teen.

“Beating up a man who appears to be gay is another bad message. Not funny to victims of violence.

“Purposely filming and distributing football players negative gay reactions. Not funny at all.

“I can't even imagine the bravery it takes to be an out gay man in Indianpolis. Today it's a little harder thanks to a candy company. There's nothing sweet about that (that was funny)”

"...but not being able to because there are
other things that just have to be done."

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