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02/16/07 07:12 PM
Is Quentin Even A Real Person?  

And no, I'm not just asking this because he's the most loathsome thing to hit this site since (fill in the blank, probably with dogz). I mean, admittedly I'm kinda hoping he isn't real for the sake of humanity at large, but something about a user coming to a David Bowie message board and doing nothing but talking about history class and being an asshole to everyone seems a little suspect, not to mention Tristan's recent revelation that a certain someone here is actually a certain someone else.

Anyone here willing to share their thoughts or add their own theories? I'm always up for some, ahem, intelligent discourse.

"If Australia ever gets a new national anthem I'll insist 'punch her in the twat' is in the lyrics somewhere." - PHOENIX

02/16/07 08:22 PM
Mystery solved new [re: schizophrenic]  

“Intelligent conversation is not everyones cup of tea.”
“At least I've tried to invoke intelligent conservation.”
“I don't think I'm superior to anyone but I am intelligent.”
“…people have the problem with me for wanting intelligent discourse as if there is no place for it here.”

(stardust savant)
02/17/07 12:46 PM
Brain vs. Beave new [re: schizophrenic]  

In reply to:

I'm always up for some, ahem, intelligent discourse.

I'm glad you said this, because I've really been meaning to "dig deeper," if you will, into the topic of Paris Hilton's snatcharoo.

What makes you think it smells like a dead guy, anyway? Do you think she's actually been with any dead guys? And how do you think Quentin will try to relate this to The English Civil War? (My guess is a reference to Penal Colonies.)

If guns are made for shooting, then skulls are made to crack.
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