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04/24/08 04:55 AM
Advertising highlights  

Just noting that the ads on the top of this page are becoming more and more appropriate. Here's what I got when browsing a Coffee Shop thread:

Headache Dizzy Nausea

Symptoms, Causes, Treatments of Headache Dizzy Nausea.

Treat drooling

Treat Drooling fast with this simple herbal formula.

Indeed, targeted on-line advertising is really making progress!

It's LABRYNTH, idiot!

(wise like orangutan)
05/09/08 02:49 PM
Infidel Wins! new [re: Emil]  

It's gone now, but I swear there was just an ad bar up there advertising Chinese women. Assumedly for wivery, but you never know.

When I meet that special someone, it will almost certainly be through a banner ad listing her weight in kilograms.


05/15/08 03:03 PM
Just what I needed new [re: Emil]  

The most bizarre one appears quite frequently when I open Coffee Shop:

Anatomical Models
Buy Anatomicl Models Online. Fast Delivery and Secure.

It's LABRYNTH, idiot!

06/06/08 02:51 PM
Re: Advertising highlights new [re: Emil]  

Personally this is my favourite so far...

Like a Nun on the Run, I'm terrible fun.

(electric tomato)
06/06/08 02:59 PM
Re: Advertising highlights new [re: Persilot]  

The internet has you pegged, chubby.

Everyday I write the book

07/29/08 06:58 AM
Today new [re: Emil]  

Screw threads
Thread Gauges Large Range
Thread Plug & Ring Gauges

I clicked on the first one with some anticipation but it was an advertisement for tools.

It's LABRYNTH, idiot!

07/29/08 07:02 AM
the hell? new [re: Emil]  

TW advertises for itself?

Today in my Yahoo! Ads bar, among ads for serving pieces and drink glasses:

Teenage Wildlife
The thinking person's David Bowie fan page.

It's LABRYNTH, idiot!

Diamond Frog
07/31/08 10:35 AM
Re: Advertising highlights new [re: Emil]  

Fashion makes you look pretty ugly.

Diamond Frog
07/31/08 10:50 AM
Re: Advertising highlights new [re: Emil]  

Fashion makes you look pretty ugly.

Auntie Prism
(stardust savant)
07/31/08 04:03 PM
The man I love new [re: Diamond Frog]  

It's okay, Froggy. We've all found ourselves in the position where we've nothing better to do than re-read threads we started a year ago (I think?)

Does anyone know how Google ads work? I've had targeted advertising from Google for stuff not mentioned on the page I'm browsing. Do they store up a list of keywords for each computer and rotate the ads? I ask because I'm curious whether we can infer that Froggy has been viewing gay farting sites through the google search engine, whose relevant ads have accidentally found their way on to a Bowie site.

Silence here takes on the quality of a dimension.

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