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(thunder ocean)
04/26/07 06:18 AM
The New, Updated, Uber-official Rules of TW new  

Registering - In order to maintain the exquisite nature of the Teenage Wildlife Conversation Piece as the creme de la creme of David Bowie message boards, we no longer accept new registrations. So if you want to join, tough luck.

The Rules - Do what you will. But be aware that any post you make may suddenly make you an object of ridicule amongst your fellow posters. Similarly a post that would be accepted without a second thought by another user may get the mods or admin on your neck. Which simply means you aren't high enough in the TW hierarchy (in other words my "people I like" list*) to get away with certain types of posts.

Large avatar images** may get you attention from the mods or admin.

Picture signatures will get you banned.

If you're the user formerly known as diamondogz74, go fuck your terrier.

* = The notable exception to this is Claude who definately isn't on "my people I like" list - he's just too stupid to understand when he's doing something wrong so I've given up on him.

** = If I have to explain to you how they can be bigger than others when the forum automatically resizes them, you probably shouldn't post here in the first place... unless of course you want to give Monkeyboy an easy target.

Edited by K on 01/22/11 03:28 PM (server time).

(thunder ocean)
04/24/07 01:32 PM
The Rules + The FAQ new [re: K]  

User titles

absolute beginner (0-5 posts) from "Absolute Beginners"
mortal with potential (5-20) from "Quicksand"
grinning soul (20-70) from "Lady Grinning Soul"
wild eyed peoploid (75-200) derived from "Wide Eyed Boy from Freecloud" and "Future Legend"
kook (200-400) from "Kooks"
electric tomato (400-700) from "Unwashed and Somewhat Slightly Dazed"
crash course raver (700-1100) from "Drive in Saturday"
cracked actor (1100-1600) from "Cracked Actor"
stardust savant (1600-2500) no specific lyrical reference
acolyte (2500-5000) a character from 1.Outside
custom title (5000-) must have a Bowie reference

Big enough browntongues have been known to recieve custom titles before the 5000 post mark.

"See what happens when you flaunt your mighty sceptre?"
- Ohramona on my promotion to administratorship

Edited by K on 01/09/08 04:26 AM (server time).

(incestuous and vain)
04/24/07 08:32 PM
My two cents new [re: K]  

Don't register you useless cunt! You're probably Dogz anyway and if not, we'll still probably hate your guts...

I don't get along with myself
And I'm not too keen on anyone else

(thunder ocean)
04/24/07 11:53 PM
No Dogz allowed. new [re: RabbitFighter]  

Oh right, I forgot to say that.

"See what happens when you flaunt your mighty sceptre?"
- Ohramona on my promotion to administratorship

(band intro)
04/25/07 02:48 AM
Re: No Dogz allowed. new [re: K]  

And no fat chicks.

Stu has a crush on me.

(thunder ocean)
04/25/07 07:02 AM
Re: No Dogz allowed. new [re: Monkeyboy]  

Wait a moment, I like fat chicks.

"See what happens when you flaunt your mighty sceptre?"
- Ohramona on my promotion to administratorship

04/25/07 07:18 AM
Re: No Dogz allowed. new [re: K]  

Well, the way he's going, give Monkeyboy another six months and...you never know.


"Crush Monkeyboy!" - 96dbFreak

(crash course raver)
04/25/07 03:03 PM
Re: No Dogz allowed. new [re: K]  

I'm still waiting to see what The Rutles have to do with any of this.

One day, Effee died.

jareth's tights
(grinning soul)
04/25/07 03:40 PM
Re: The Rules new [re: K]  

are there no rules of engagement? most other forums have sticky threads specifying no trolls/spammers/stalkers/flamers, etc. ;-)

re-exposing you.

(wise like orangutan)
04/25/07 05:28 PM
The flaming-est stalker of them all [re: jareth's tights]  

I think that's covered under the NO DOGZ ALLOWED rule.

They let the retard in the game and he went wild.

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