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08/16/11 05:42 AM
Are we now in the post-TW phase? [re: ]  

When I created the Facebook group "Teenage wildlife" I did it mostly for fun. I thought it could be fun to comment on or gossip about what's happening at the site. I guess the idea occurred to me that this could be a new place to meet after the site dies, although I really did not think of that as a realistic scenario.

Instead something else happened. This spring/summer, people who long ago stopped coming to the forums signed up and started posting in the Facebook group. All of a sudden we had more activity in Facebook TW than on the message board.

And people started to disclose their alters, as if TW were already dead.

What is happening? Are we now in the post-TW phase? Is TW detaching from its steady place at teenagewildlife.com and living a delocalized life all over the internet?

Or will TW Conversation Piece live on forever as a site, until the Sun swallows the Earth?

It's SAILER, idiot!

11/26/11 06:23 AM
Re: Are we now in the post-TW phase? new [re: Emil]  

If the forum was still alive, it would already have changed to a web 2.0 capable system. Also facebook has the advantage of much less adminstrational baggage (for the price of censorship - no tubgirl possible anymore... i am going to miss those embarrassing moments at work). So its probably the logical solution, although I miss the elaborate answer/quotation features and the threaded mode.

Among all these wolves...

11/26/11 09:09 PM
Back in my day... new [re: th0mas]  

Yeah, but, everything runs fine, we can come here whenever and everything works just the way we expect it to.

"What's Tonga?" - Christopher Meloni

(cracked actor)
07/26/13 04:33 PM
Re: Back in my day... new [re: WildWind]  

...and TW will survive the f*cking f*c*book!

"Ah his fingernails, I see they're broken, his ships they're all on fire..." - Leonard Cohen

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