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(wild eyed peoploid)
08/22/00 05:21 AM
Picture's Beside Posts new  

Evan, I really like those little pictures that pop up beside people's posts but the way I understand it, the option is one that must be purposely switched on through the EDIT PROFILE -> DISPLAY PREFERENCES feature. Perhaps it could have been switched on as default with the option to turn off if desired. Otherwise, I'm not sure how many people end up realising it's there.


09/03/00 02:02 PM
Re: Picture's Beside Posts new [re: Adam]  

Hey Adam- thanks for pointing that out, I've never realised that we could see the pictures of the posters bellow their names :-) I was curious about what you said since I read this post and just edited my profile!


Evan TorrieAdministrator
09/03/00 02:52 PM
Re: Pictures Beside Posts new [re: Adam]  

I've changed the default for new registrants to have Pictures next to Posts turned on...

... but since I never like to change people's preferences from out underneath them, existing users will have to go in and change the setting themselves.

E> (webmaster@teenagewildlife.com)

09/06/00 05:48 PM
Re: Pictures Beside Posts new [re: Evan Torrie]  

He Hey! I just changed mine, and aren't you all looking lovely (except you Adam...you really should try to get some sun or eat differently or something)

..Alene for qonseqvences Skyld..

(wild eyed peoploid)
09/06/00 11:02 PM
Re: Pictures Beside Posts new [re: discipel]  

HaHa. Discipel, strange things can happen to your physical and mental being when David doesn't tour for 13 years!

Thanks for implementing the picture thingy, Evan.

Fat Bastard
(mortal with potential)
09/07/00 07:11 AM
Re: Pictures Beside Posts new [re: Evan Torrie]  

Thanks Evan!

Now you can all see my sexy body.

Fat Bastard blows his pipe of smoulders, blankets smoke into the room

(wild eyed peoploid)
09/07/00 05:18 PM
Re: Picture's Beside Posts new [re: Adam]  

I've tried and tried and searched and I *still* can't figure out how to get my pic next to my posts. Can someone tell me please?



Be elusive, but don't walk far...

09/07/00 05:50 PM
Re: Picture's Beside Posts new [re: WildWind]  

To add your picture to the conversation piece profile, go to: "edit profile" and "basic profile". There is an option: Your Picture (Entire URL - Picture size is 65x75 pixels). You have to put the URL of a place with your picture... I see that you have a pic on your TW Members Registry- maybe you can put that link? Do you have a homepage or another site which has your picture on? :-)
Once you have put the link in this space, you click on "submit".

To be able to see the pictures of all the posters besides their names at the conv. piece, you have to go to "edit profile" and "display preferences". There is an option called "View user's pictures with their posts? (Only when post headers are on the side)". Click on the "yes". Submit.
Hope I have helped you! :)


(electric tomato)
09/07/00 06:15 PM
Re: Picture's Beside Posts new [re: wlovedb]  

Evan: One should be able to upload one's picture, like when you register, 'cause not all people have homesteads where they can upload their pictures.

Man is something that is to be surpassed - Friedrich Nietzsche

(wild eyed peoploid)
09/07/00 10:02 PM
Re: Picture's Beside Posts new [re: Einar]  

Einar, whatever happened to the red bull? I liked that.

I haven't tried it, but one way to get your registered photo appearing on your message board profile, might be:
1. Go to your main TW member profile
2. If using Explorer, right click on your photo and choose "properties" then copy the address / URL that appears
3. Go to your message board profile then paste the URL into your basic profile.

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