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(grinning soul)
12/24/01 12:40 PM
Ziggy's Tomb Remains Full  

One of Bowie's most famous songs, Ziggy Stardust, uses figurative language to contrast Ziggy Stardust with Jesus Christ. The imagery, metaphor and similes used in the song convey the theme that rock stars are false idols.

Ziggy Stardust is a guitar playing superstar, beautiful to listen to and beautiful to look at. That is one of Ziggy's flaws: he relied on surface beauty instead of inner strength and character.

Another of Ziggy's problems was that all Ziggy did was sing and play guitar, nothing more. He used his "god-given ass" to vaunt himself, becoming "the special man." He had charm and charisma, "he could lick 'em by smiling" but he had no compassion for his followers. They were "crass" and he "could leave them to hang."

Do you see how this imagery shows us how shallow and selfish this rock idol really was?

Ziggy could do nothing to save those who loved him from the grave: "Where were the spiders while the fly tried to break our balls?" The fly here is a metaphor for death. When a serious crisis arrived for any of Ziggy's fans, Ziggy could not be found. He was like a shepherd who runs in a time of danger, instead of saving his flock.

Ziggy could not perform the miraculous acts of Christ to heal his wounded disciples. He was "like a leper messiah" but he was not an actual leper messiah. Superficially, he seemed like a Saviour but all Ziggy was really doing was "making love with his ego."

Finally, Ziggy's fans kill him, possibly hoping for a resurrection. But there is no good news, Ziggy's tomb remains full. The band is broken up and the story ends there.

All of this figurative language is skillfully used by Bowie to contrast Ziggy with Jesus, a real Messiah.

In many ways Christ was the direct opposite of Ziggy. He was plain, humble, sober and meek. He saved others intead of serving himself.

Ziggy, however, "took it all too far" but came up far too short.

12/26/01 11:42 AM
Re: Ziggy's Tomb Remains Empty new [re: pianocraft]  

I always thought Ziggy was more like a prophet, like St. John the Baptist, hearlding the coming of the Messiah/A New Age. What happens to the Infinites after they've consumed Ziggy? Stay tuned.

(wild eyed peoploid)
01/03/02 10:02 PM
Re: Ziggy's Tomb Remains Empty new [re: bewlaysib]  

I always beleived that (as I have said many times before) ziggy was an alien who somehow knew the fate of the world (5 years) and then became a rock star (lady stardust) got into it forgetting his purpose (ziggy stardust) and then five years afterward he tries to comfort the people of the world as they die (rock 'n roll suicide). Ther are a few glitches in the idea, such the line "when the kids had killed the man." I'm not sure where that would fit in. I could probably work those glitches out if I cared enough to try but, I instead just listen to the genious of the music. This is only a theory, I'm open to other ideas.

"Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible"- Frank Zappa

(cracked actor)
01/19/02 07:19 AM
Re: Ziggy's Tomb Remains Empty new [re: Eart_hl_ing]  

...that was quite an entertaining little interpretation but somehow I'm very irritated. Contrasting Ziggy with Jesus..? That's plain boring and too obvious. Why not take it back to ancient Greece? The downfall of an overly proud man, the wrath of gods, the Prometheus myth or a dozen others?

Hell, why not do whatever you like. So many things can be said about Ziggy. I'm sure none of them are true. I'm sure David didn't mean anything at all. And I'm sure it doesn't matter what he meant or didn't mean and it doesn't matter what you think it means or doesn't mean.

I'm sorry, I've seen too many interpretations today. I'm dead tired of them. Just had to get this out of my system...I'll shut up now.

You're sleepy now.

(wild eyed peoploid)
01/19/02 08:42 PM
Re: Ziggy's Tomb Remains Empty new [re: SugarPlumFairy]  

but the mystery stays :
who knitted ziggys sugarplumfairiy vibrant coloured leggings? mother mary? or adriadne?

(wild eyed peoploid)
01/20/02 06:43 PM
Re: Ziggy's Tomb Remains Empty new [re: SugarPlumFairy]  

Your point is well-taken but Bowie did say "like a leper messiah." Does that remind you of Icarus or Narcissus or Prometheus?

(crash course raver)
02/04/02 05:32 PM
Re: Ziggy's Tomb Remains Full new [re: pianocraft]  

Good. Keep the bastard under lock and key. Cesspit from hell.

...we're out of mints, pass the Lifesavers...

02/05/02 05:45 AM
Re: Ziggy's Tomb Remains Full new [re: pussycatraynor]  


The Acolyte hath spoken!

Goblin Queen
02/06/02 08:19 AM
Re: Ziggy's Tomb Remains Full new [re: pianocraft]  

I have always thought that Ziggy is a reflection on how David viewed himself at the time. However, pianocraft's analysis is also very good.

"You all want my money, you leeches!" - David Bowie

(wild eyed peoploid)
02/13/02 10:47 AM
Re: Ziggy's Tomb Remains Full new [re: Goblin Queen]  

i love this! i haven't read anything so interesting in a while! but i'm pretty ignorant on this subject, so.. no comments from me.

i also knew only the prophet version of him.


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