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Goblin Queen
02/09/02 09:08 AM
DJ - I am What I Play  

I may be reading waaay too much into this (crazy ideas pop into my head at this hour), but a thought struck me as I was reading some posts here. In Bowie's "DJ", does he make a reference to the fact that he is really David Jones?? I mean - "I am a DJ, I AM what I play..."

just a thought. My apologies if this seems to have posted itself twice, my computer is having some sort of spak attack.

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(stardust savant)
02/09/02 09:51 AM
Believing Me new [re: Goblin Queen]  

A couple of Bowie biographers have made something of the fact D.J. is in fact David Jones's real initials, but personally I don't think it's intentional. It's just an analogy that all the public get to see of him is the music that he puts out (like any D.J.), or perhaps an anlogy to say quite literally that he is what he plays, that the music he puts out (at that time, anyway) is very representative of his true self, naked and exposed for all to see.

Either way, I don't think the D.J. = David Jones thing is intentional.

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(stardust savant)
02/09/02 11:06 AM
Re: DJ - I am What I Play new [re: Goblin Queen]  

It's funny that you mention DJ. I experienced the first two lines on Thursday. "I'm home...lost my job."

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02/10/02 06:45 AM
Re: DJ - I am What I Play new [re: Goblin Queen]  

The way I've always interpreted this song is as a reaction against radiostations that only play mainstream pop-music.
I am what I play: DJ's are often people without any feeling for decent music (like Bowie's ), so they don't play it.

The DJ who sings this song, probably has played some "better" music and is fired for it (I'm home, lost my job).

He also mentions that his boss is a puppet: of the music industry? They control which songs are to be played and which not.

Maybe I'm just hearing this in this song, because that's how I feel about the radio nowadays.

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02/10/02 07:25 AM
Re: DJ - I am What I Play new [re: Goblin Queen]  

"Can't turned around no, can't turn around"
This line is interesting because he could be refering to the personas he created for himself. He can't go back or turn around to just being David Jones. He has believers and he must be Ziggy Stardust/Thin White Duke or even just David Bowie. Its too late for him to go back and be David Jones again.

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(crash course raver)
02/10/02 08:15 AM
Re: DJ - I am What I Play new [re: Cisite]  

Bowie said:

"The D.J. is the one who is having the ulcers now, not the executives, because if you do the unthinkable thing of putting a record on in a disco not in time, that's it. If you have 30 seconds silence, your whole career is over".

So in this context, "I am what I play" is the D.J.'s total success or failure depending on what is played at any one moment. "Can't turn around no, can't turn around no" could refer to two sides of vinyl - making sure the record goes on the "right" way. The line "I've got believers believing me" suggests the D.J. is all too aware of public perception. "Humble pie" suggests a level of humiliation but a forced submission.

In the song, the character loses his day job "I'm home, and incurably ill", and reflects "you think this is easy, realism". He goes to clubs and/or radio stations where he has the ability to turn it on, and perhaps redress the situation - "he used to be my boss and now he is a puppet dancer". But the D.J. also has great deal of uncertainty in his life, he says "I've got a girl out there, - I suppose - I think she's dancing - what do I know?"

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trendy rechauffe
(cracked actor)
02/11/02 07:12 AM
Re: DJ - I am What I Play new [re: Adam]  

In reply to:

and incurably ill

I've never really understood this line.

bye tr

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(electric tomato)
02/11/02 09:06 AM
I have not lost it....yet. new [re: trendy rechauffe]  

By "incurably ill", I don't think David meant it literally.
The guy lost his job and he sits at home. He maybe feels "incurably" ill because he cannot cope with the stresses of working, maybe too depressed to do anything but play music. He probably decided going to do an ordinary work everyday is not for him anymore anyway. It makes him ill.
I can almost relate to all this.
I have not felt so demotivated with work as I felt today, on this day of all days!

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(grinning soul)
02/18/02 10:41 AM
Re: I have not lost it....yet. new [re: Niniwe]  

Yeah, I take 'incurably ill' as him basically saying he's inconsolable, and sick of it.

But here's one:

"I feel like Dan Dare lies down" You what???

Before reading the lyric sheet I always that it was 'I feel (like) tan-talised now', or something to that effect, which makes more sense in regard to the 'girl out there' who he think's 'is dancing'. Then its a sort of throw back to John, I'm only Dancing in that respect.

But yeah, any suggestions there would be good.

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(crash course raver)
02/19/02 00:48 AM
Heroes and Villians new [re: Nature_Boy]  

In reply to:

"I feel like Dan Dare lies down" You what???

Dan Dere is an early comic book hero. The DJ has lost his job. He feels like a fallen hero.

The Music is Outside

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