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(wild eyed peoploid)
06/21/02 02:35 PM
This Is The Trip--Slipping Away  

Heathen--This Is The Trip

Heathen--Transgressor, Wanderer, Knight of the road, Urchin, Chameleon, Vagabond, Straggler, Vagrant, Tramp, Nomad, Gypsy, Fugitive, Refugee, Outsider, Alien, Savage, Stranger, Immigrant, Pariah, Foreigner, Exile, Deviant, Shuffler, Barbarian, Ruffian, Desperado, Renegade.

The Heathen is Outside or Beyond The Law.

Transmigration, Transmutation, Transformation are his fortes.

As a traveler who trips out, he is also a rainbow-chaser, dreamer, sinner, sham-artist. A member of cloudland, wonderland, dreamland whose perversion of the truth (half-truths and untruths) are more than mere sins, offenses, lapses, misdeeds, errors or falls from grace, they are magical "slips of the tongue," "slips of the pen," "lapsus linguae", erratum that reveal odd and strange universe we live in.

The heathen is often accused of delusion, heresy, fantasy, fluctuation, fickleness. His false doctrines stir up pretense, deceit, bad faith, unrest, disquiet.

He is the tripper who slips away--indulging in reverie, conjuring up visions.

Perhaps self-deceiving, the knigh errant turns and turns about, changes his mind, turns upside down, every which way, pell-mell, harum-scarum...!

He is the harlequin at cross purposes, in the clouds, talking tall talk, shadow and sham talk. A little nine day's wonder on the border of a fool's paradise.

His disordered reason comes from dislocation and the chaos of the heat, the rays of the sun, the moon shining it's lunatic beams....

Perturbed, fascinated, entranced, frenzied, fermenting, deranged...

This is the TRAVELER'S TALE!

Much ado about nothing...
Nothing at all....
Just a stretch of the imagination
A flight of fancy.
An overstatement.

He is the drifter.
The one who loses his way
He goes astray

His business, mission, trip is to wander erratically. He is changeable and uncertain.

Also he is the deceiver, the mis-representer, moving from irony to falsehood to lie.


(wild eyed peoploid)
06/21/02 04:22 PM
Re: This Is The Trip--Slipping Away new [re: TallinTheDark]  

What are you talking about?

Visualize Whirled Peas

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