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(crash course raver)
07/02/02 04:43 PM
Everyone ... another Kooks  

"Everyone says Hi" reminds me a lot of "Kooks" from Hunky Dory. The same style of down to earth lyrics giving advise to the person in question and the same approach of friends and family wishing all the best for the future. While "Kooks" was written for liitle Zowie "Everyone ..." seems to be penned for the kid that has grown. For the late teen that has left the parent's house and is going his/her own way. Not always telling the family and the old neighbours what he/she is up to now. So they are all a bit worried but do trust in him/her to get his/her life sorted - and just wish that it will be a good one. Just like "Kooks" it is simply about wishing someone you are/were taking care of all the best, someone who means a lot to you and who is really close to you - and you are worried, but just a little.

I love both tracks in the way they are simple but honest - lyrically and musically.

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(cracked actor)
07/02/02 05:12 PM
Clairty new [re: EJSunday]  

In reply to:

I love both tracks in the way they are simple but honest - lyrically and musically.

Yes. Absolutely.
Excerpt from a Lou Reed interview (2000):

Interviewer: "There's a clarity and straightforwardness about the way you construct language, use your voice, and play the guitar. There is this extraordinary simplicity and melodic quality to this record and to all of your songs, ultimately. You are not afraid to be simple. Sometimes people mask their desires because they want to seem more intelligent."

Lou Reed: "People can misunderstand simplicity and mistake it for being dumb."

07/02/02 07:35 PM
Re: Everyone ... another Kooks new [re: EJSunday]  

I totally agree, though Bowie has said several times that he wrote Everyone about the feeling of when someone had died...I believe he said it was his father. Though stylistically they are very similar songs and both have that very genuine and simple lyrical quality.

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white rabbit
(stardust savant)
07/03/02 07:36 AM
Full circle new [re: dukewhite]  

From sperm to worm. Both are very sweet songs.

In reply to:

the feeling of when someone had died...I believe he said it was his father.

From Interview magazine:

IS: A song that seems to stand alone on Heathen is "Everyone Says 'Hi' ". It has such a different tone from the other songs -- a kind of '60s pop on the surface with a whole lot more on its underside.

DB: It's about the death of someone, although in it I'm really talking metaphorically about somebody dying. When I was younger, I had this overwhelming feeling that when my father died, he hadn't really gone anywhere -- that he'd literally just gone on a holiday for a few days. That, really, is the crux of what the song is about: that the people closest to us who've passed away aren't really dead, they've just gone away for a bit, you know? I wonder where they've gone; wherever they are, I hope it's a nice place.

'E's not dead, just resting! Sorry I couldn't resist.

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(mortal with potential)
07/08/02 02:52 PM
Re: Everyone ... another Kooks new [re: EJSunday]  

"Kooks" has always been one of my favorite songs for its simplicity and utter sweetness. It is filled with both anticipation and insecurity about becoming a first time parent. It is also a reflection of how much the world has changed... the biggest concern for little Zowie is that he might get picked on by bullies because of his odd parentage.

When Heathen came out, I wondered about the effect of Lexie's birth on the music. And it is very stark and clear... David has acknowledged it in several interviews. He is frightened by what the world may hold for her (I won't point out every example as it is a main theme of the album).

So I rather like this reading of "Everyone Says Hi". I had pondered it with David's foreword that it was a song about death, but it quite suits as a song about the movement of adult children into their own lives. Taken in this context it's not nearly so moribund, but rather wistfully sentimental. Thanks for a new possibility.


Whatever satisfies the soul is truth. Walt Whitman

(grinning soul)
07/09/02 05:52 AM
Re: Everyone ... another Kooks new [re: dukewhite]  

Maybe this song is meant as it was sung by a child. There are several reasons why it came into my mind:
- "Said you took a big trip, they said you moved away.... said you sailed a big ship, said you sailed away" - maybe that's the way how parents (or other adults) try to explain to the child that someone has daid. Usually they do not say it strightly.
- "we can do all the old things, we can do all the bad things... we can do all the good things" - it feels that it is sung by child to his/her brother/sister (or other playmate).
- "everyone says 'hi'" - everyone is very kind to the child who has lost someone. I can imagine how everyone tries to be more friendly to that child.
- the sound of the song, how it is sung, it is very different from another songs on the album. Bowie's voice here is much softer, and this 50s-60s style of the song maybe reminds Bowie's own childhood to him?

I thing song isn't neccessarily about death of someone, it could be also some other reason wich is too difficult to explain to a child.

I can recall that someone here once told about the case when Bowie's brother was taken to mental hospital when Bowie was a child. I think the story was told in relevance with this song. So it migh be right.

And yes, I also read what Bowie said that the song was more about the feeling when his father daid. It could be also so because of this part "isn't it too hot for you" (and at the end Bowie knows it better what song was about). But I more tend to think that it was about something in his childhood or maybe both cases mixed together.


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