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(absolute beginner )
09/11/02 04:26 PM
What is Diamond Dogs all about?  

Does anyone have an intelligent opinion on this song?


l'enfer, c'est les autres

09/12/02 02:08 AM
What is this thread all about? new [re: Truebu]  

As I've noted before, you cannot start a succesfull thread without giving us something more to work with (your own opinions and the like).

Anyway, here are links to a few previous threads on the subject: What do you think about Diamond Dogs? and They Hide Behind Trees: The Diamond Dogs

Bahnhof Zum Bahnhof

(cracked actor)
09/12/02 01:31 PM
Re: What is Diamond Dogs all about? new [re: Truebu]  

The words of David Bowie, 1976:

"1984, for instance. Mrs. Orwell refused to let us have the rights, point-blank. For a person who married a Socialist with Communist leanings, she was the biggest upperclass snob I've ever met in my life. "Good heavens, put it to music!?!" I mean, it was really like that. Absolutely no way would she let me have it. To be quite honest with you, the Diamond Dogs album, the whole thing, was originally 19-bloody-84. It was the musical, and she put the clappers on it by saying no. So I, at the last minute, quickly changed it into a new concept album called Diamond Dogs. I didn't ever want to do Diamond Dogs as a stage musical; what I wanted was 1984. So I just kind of got on with it and put the stage show for Diamond Dogs together. A little later, I think, half-heartedly. But after we finished the tour, I reappraised the thing and began to see it cinematically. I thought that it would make a very good Fellini-esque type of film. Which is the way I'll do it."

If my answers frighten you, Vincent, you should cease asking scary questions.

(wild eyed peoploid)
09/19/02 06:58 PM
Re: What is Diamond Dogs all about? new [re: Truebu]  

I couldn't say. Don't care for it myself! I'm voting for it on the Suvivor thing we've got goin' on at the moment! But I bet all the people who have been fans longer than me could tell you. I might someday grow to love the song..maybe my recordings just a bad one

'We are such stuff as dreams are made of'

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