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(cracked actor)
09/22/02 11:10 AM
Don't Sit Down  

I can't believe no-one's tried to interpret this song yet. I may as well give it a shot.

Yeah yeah baby yeah. Yeah yeah baby yeah

The singer is obviously referring to his affirmative decision to have a baby with his partner. His girlfriend has asked him to make her pregnant, and he replies "Yeah, yeah. Baby. Yeah" to her request. He repeats this affirmation to show he is really "all for" the idea.

Don't sit down. Don't sit down.

The singer has obviously been studying methods to assure pregnancy. The method in question must stipulate that after he has ejaculated in her she stay standing to heighten the probablity of conception. Therefore he keeps reminding her "Don't Sit Down, don't sit down, don't sit down" after he does the business. This furthers his approval of the decision to get pregnant, he is so in favour of it he is guiding his partner in assuring it happens.

All in all, I think this song is about the responsibility a father takes in the role of pregnancy and childbirth, it could even be extrapolated to the raising of the child and the paternal role as a whole. Just agreeing to it is not enough, it takes enthusiasm and responsibility to bring a new life into the world.

A thought provoking and fascinating piece.

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(electric tomato)
09/22/02 11:49 AM
Re: Don't Sit Down new [re: PHOENIX]  


"There's a party in my pants..."

09/22/02 12:04 PM
Re: Don't Sit Down new [re: PHOENIX]  

I don't think it even is a song!


09/22/02 12:05 PM
Re: Don't Sit Down new [re: PHOENIX]  

It's when Hermione walked in and proceeded to tell Bowie what a hard day she'd had miming and he said "Yeah, yeah baby yeah" you know, not really listening but pretending to be interested and then he tells her "Don't sit down" because he wants a cup of tea making.

And that's why she left him.

(grinning soul)
09/22/02 12:50 PM
Re: Don't Sit Down new [re: PHOENIX]  


09/22/02 01:13 PM
WildWind??? new [re: DiamondFrog]  

This reminds me of another thread I'd NEVER be able to find...but I want to say it was WildWind, with a very interesting interpretation of the Hearts Filthy Lesson. Anyone remember that?


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09/22/02 01:19 PM
Back when he was a nice bloke new [re: StrangeDrugs]  

That "Heart's Filthy Lesson" interp was actually by power2charm.

I don't blame you for thinking it was me, though. It's much more the sort of thing you'd expect from someone of my intellect and wit rather than from FLY KILLER.

In any case, it seems to have been archived.


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(electric tomato)
09/22/02 01:42 PM
Re: Don't Sit Down new [re: PHOENIX]  

Bloody moron! Don't Sit Down is clearly a song about having anal warts.

Insert witty comment here

09/22/02 01:48 PM
Re: Don't Sit Down new [re: cracked]  

It should be used in hemeroid commercials

09/22/02 02:58 PM
Re: Don't Sit Down new [re: bowiefanpeter]  

I havent heard of that song. but i agree. its probably about hemmoroids. hehe.

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