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(wild eyed peoploid)
10/10/02 01:04 PM
"Finally A Chance"--Enjoy!  

"Heathen" is not quite about the Fate of Icarus but it is about a falling, a tripping, a slipping (the motion downwards that is essential to every hero´s ascent.) But the Anti-Hero must first fall prostrate, on bended knees, and confess his sins. This is the typical "Tumble and Twirl" of he who oversteps his limits, and transgresses all proper boundaries. It is often an irregular motion-- the twilight twinkling of Uncle Floyd, the shuffling of Thursdays Child, the twitching of Ramona Stone, the swaying and trembling of fearful lovers on the dance floor, the "stumbling over land" of the searching blind man.

This trip is also the great mistake, the sacred joke, the cosmic blunder of the dreamer/visionary. Accused of heresy and hallucination, he dances in the shadows. His searching is not devoid of truth. The searcher, more or less at sea, is however, at "CROSS PURPOSES" with the current notions of what is right. A Lord of Misrule who often plays the fool, he sometimes overshoots his mark. He tries not to "stand in his own light" but he falls into traps fighting with his own shadows.

This, however, is not a mark of failure but of learning and evolving through trials and adversity. The "heathen" does not labour in vain for NOTHING. His Over-Sights lead to Super-Visions. His breakdowns lead to breakthroughs. Out of the "dark clouds" comes the rain that makes all things grow and prosper. After all, sunshine without rain would burn up the earth. Hope must also thrive in the thunderous clouds...!

Fate, luck, hap-hazard fortune is a Toss-Up, a Tumble and Twirl, a Stumbling upon land, a Throw of the dice. Sometimes we must stumble on light, blunder upon good fortune, take our chances. The undetermined and unintentional are magical and redemptive. Sometimes happiness just happens. We light upon light. We fall upon the answers.

And sometimes it is a result of search and inquiry. The "heathen" seeks revelation. He comes nearer to the truth by burning, smoking, scenting it out. It is a slow burning. Then a ray of hope...


What was once a stumbling block is now smooth sailing. The trip is one made on smooth water in fair winds. The tripper can now drift with the tide, make light of, make nothing of his former trials. He has come home! For even in death, the sailor returns home to his original source of creation...!

Tallin The Dark

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