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(electric tomato)
10/24/02 09:07 PM
They came down hard on the faggots new [re: Adam]  

If indeed Bowie is/used to consider himself bisexual, I would assume that he would at least allude to it in his music. However, I have always found his lyrics to be more impressionistic rather than works that have an inflexible meaning.

Also, I agree with most of the choices for Bowie's most gay songs but if I wasn't specifically looking for the hidden gay meanings I probably wouldn't notice it. John I'm only dancing can be interpreted in a number of ways. In fact, I think this really adds to the song's mystery and mystique.

I seem to remember someone on this forum saying that they felt that "Scream Like A Baby" is a gay version of the Winston and Julia story. I pretty much agree.

By the way adam, I commend you for your ness!

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(cracked actor)
10/25/02 04:51 AM
Am I a psychic or what? new [re: eraserhead]  

In its first DAY, this thread got 17 replies (not counting Adam's own replies).

In its first WEEK, I'm Deranged - Kreutzberg, Berlin, 1977 (possibly the greatest Interpretation thread ever) got 11 replies.

Am I a psychic or what? :)

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10/25/02 05:00 AM
Re: Am I a psychic or what? new [re: eraserhead]  

You might be psychic, but you should not mistake quantity for quality (naturally no offense, Adam).

10/25/02 06:01 AM
Re: Am I a psychic or what? new [re: Sysiyo]  

I must be really stupid, but I still don't see the point of this thread. Isn't most everything on here simply stating the obvious?

(cracked actor)
10/25/02 01:13 PM
not sure if you're a boy or a girl new [re: Starlite]  

In reply to:

though I want to add that I think "velvet goldmine" is quite a lovely metaphor in this case.

i think it's been said in previous threads that the term is slang for female bits, is that not correct? to me anyways it sounds like he's definately talking about a girl. but then it was used as a title for the movie so maybe i'm wrong.

you're like a one legged man in an ass kicking contest, you just can't win!

10/25/02 03:27 PM
Re: not sure if you're a boy or a girl new [re: ziggywombat]  

I also thought of velvet goldmine-- as referring to "Female Bits" more than as a gay song. The "Bits" term is very cute by the way-- I'll remember to use that in my birds and bees lecture to my kids.

10/25/02 06:24 PM
Re: not sure if you're a boy or a girl new [re: kingsteved]  

La, well it is an equally lovely metaphor whether referring to yes, female bits, or a man's mouth. When I first heard the song, I couldn't tell which it was supposed to be (Bowie probably made it ambiguous on purpose), but after examination I've decided that a man's mouth is more probable. Firstly, because while the expression "giving head" can refer to both as well, "heal your head with my own" seems to be more male-oriented, and because the description from the singer's point of view seem to refer to actions also more often attributed to m/m sex ("suck you dry"), and secondly because 5years.com says the original title was "He's a Goldmine."

P.S. "You stroke me like the rain" while again, ambiguous, seems to me to describe the movements of a tongue better than the alternative.
Lol, should we get more detailed here?

Edited by Starlite on 10/25/02 06:25 PM (server time).

(cracked actor)
10/26/02 02:04 PM
not just for boys anymore new [re: Starlite]  

In reply to:

female bits, or a man's mouth.

er, girls give head too, no matter what your girlfriend tells you

you're like a one legged man in an ass kicking contest, you just can't win!

10/26/02 03:43 PM
Re: not just for boys anymore new [re: ziggywombat]  

Of course they do! In fact, according to what my girlfriends tell, they'd be the only ones giving. :)

But considering a girl has both "female bits" and a mouth, I'd say if the song refers to a mouth, it's more probably that it's a guy's. Plus, again, "heal ya head with my own"--okay that seems explicitly gay to me.

11/02/02 11:56 AM
Re: not just for boys anymore new [re: Starlite]  

In reply to:

I don't see anything explicitly "gay" about John, I'm Only Dancing. The most obvious interpretation would be that John is the boyfriend of Bowie's dancing partner, and that Bowie is reassuring John that even though "she turns me on" he's "only dancing". If the narrator of the song was supposed to be gay, why would this girl be turning him on so?

Exactly what I was going to say, twister.


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