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11/04/02 03:40 AM
Re: I don't see that Bowie really has many "gay" songs new [re: twister]  

In reply to:

If the narrator of the song was supposed to be gay, why would this girl be turning him on so?

He might be bisexual? Just as a point...

(mortal with potential)
11/05/02 06:12 PM
Re: Bowie's Gay Songs new [re: Adam]  

the only reading i've had into john i'm only dancing is the bisexual way. wouldn't it be kind of dangerous if they were both straight guys? a bloody fight would most definately have broken out.

11/06/02 10:44 AM
Re: Bowie's Gay Songs new [re: jennjenn]  

Not really.. They could be best friends, or gentle men.


11/06/02 01:50 PM
Re: Bowie's Gay Songs new [re: ZiggyZane]  

Well of course, if they were friends, then the only thing that'd happen would be a permanently damaged eye. :)

(absolute beginner )
11/12/02 04:22 PM
Re: Bowie's Gay Songs new [re: Starlite]  

Nice one....

Of course this is an excellent topic, and of course we're stating the obvious. However, think about all the poor, pitiful new Bowie fans who want to know? With that in mind, I'd like to make a distinction between:

Bowie's songs that CAN be interpreted as with a homosexual context


Bowie's songs that ARE written with a homosexual context


~Satal de Rihannsu~

(grinning soul)
11/13/02 06:03 AM
Re: Bowie's Gay Songs new [re: Satal]  

I'd like to know, about "Scream like a baby", in what can it be interpreted in an homosexual way? some said it could, I don't agree at all. He's talking about this Sam guy whom he says to be "just like him", right, and then? I might be stupid but I don't see where is the sexual metaphore in this song.

I know that people think
That I'm a little crazy
Ohh, better sex is fun
I think I like fascination

(cracked actor)
11/13/02 09:54 AM
What's with this man-love new [re: SenselessThing]  

Hm, this man love thing? I was under the impression that "man-love" is a biblical (or just old) term for loving all fellow humans. In a non-sexual way. Now am I wrong about that??

On the other hand, in the context of the lyric of Moonage Daydream any love is more likely to be of sexual (or at least romantic) nature. So I don't know.

Then I'd like to promote She's got medals which is of course not homosexual at all, but still Bowie's first song about crossing gender boundaries. Pitt must have loved it.

(absolute beginner )
11/13/02 01:42 PM
Re: What's with this man-love new [re: Emil]  

I had always interpreted it in two different ways (I'm good at doublethink):

1. "...Church of Man, love..."


2. "...Church of Manlove..."

For the first, I tend to take it in the idea of, "Okay, Ziggy's an alien. This is the new church, he is the new priest, etc etc."

For the second, that's just my own dirty little brain that gets a kick out of all innuendos and oddities. If taken as case #2, it makes a great opening quote for naughty slash-fics.

~Satal de Rihannsu~

"I used to be into S&M, necrophelia, and bestiality, but I realised that was just beating a dead horse." -- Uknown

(absolute beginner )
11/15/02 09:26 AM
Re: Bowie's Gay Songs new [re: Adam]  

Would I be mistaking if I would call "Sweet thing" from Diamond Dogs a gay song too?

11/15/02 01:48 PM
Re: What's with this man-love new [re: Satal]  

Cracked Actor

"...Suck baby, suck. Give me some head..."

"...show me your rear..."

Could both of these tow lines be construed as gay lines?


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